Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wordless Wednesday-Tech Week

This is my life right now!  Miss High School is in Anything Goes and opening night is almost here!
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Scenes From Prom 2017

This feels like it was so long ago but really just about two weeks have gone by.
Getting this glam doesn't just happen...
 There's a lot of planning and of course buying the dress then picking out accessories.
 Going to the salon...
 Getting primped and...
 Finding the perfect shoes...
 Finally getting ready...
 A shot of the hair and details of the dress...
 The shoes and the pedicure.
The manicure...
 Oh yeah, and the handsome date!
Not to mention the stunning flowers!
Oh what a night!
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Friday, April 21, 2017

{Get Crafty} Tassel Earrings (from Target Dollar Spot)

Sometimes inspiration hits when you're in the Target Dollar Spot.   I'm usually inspired to spend money there but this time I actually was inspired to make something.
It was there that I spotted these cute packs of tassels.  They looked like earrings to me--the trendy kind I've been coveting.  I love anything with a tassel or pom pom!  To make the earrings I needed two packs of the tassels and some earring wires.
 I found the earring wires at Joanne Fabrics and used a coupon so they were $1.15.  The tassel packs were $1 each.
 I used some pliers to open the hoop on the tassel and insert the earring wire, then closed it back up again.
This whole project took minutes and I was left with two pairs of earrings for less than $1.50 each (I have leftover earring wires for another project).
I've been getting lots of compliments on them too.  They are super light and I don't even feel them when I'm wearing them.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

{Random} Happening Lately

Or should I say, happened awhile ago?  Here I go unloading my random photos from the last month or so.
 Going to breakfast at a favorite spot.  Look at that ceiling!  I was digging the mother/daughter stripes on the right too!
 Making roasted veggie enchiladas for dinner. They were a hit. Should I do a post on them?
 We really did not want this snow in March after being teased by spring-like temps but it sure was pretty.
 Someone left me a "gift" right next to the clementines, see the trashcan to right of the counter?  I had to text it to the alleged culprit.
 Making sushi during the snow days.
 So ready for it!
 Visiting a college in Philly and stopping for food at Hip City Veg, I can't resist their soy milkshakes!
 I love my yoga studio (and my fun yoga pants from Athleta--thanks Sissypoo!).
 Setting up for my second baby photo shoot! SECOND!
 His and hers nachos for dinner (right before going into the oven).  He's becoming a master nacho maker!
 Dinner at Cheesecake Factory is always a treat. I tried their avocado toast, of course it was the best ever!
 Trying to be artsy with my coffee bubbles.
 Finally getting to meet her new cousin.
Miss High School's art work at the Fine Arts Festival. I love her 'selfie'!  What have you been up to lately?

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