Thursday, April 19, 2018

Scenes from Prom 2018

Tonight is opening night for Miss H.S.'s final high school show so while I try and keep my emotions in check, I'll share some pretty prom photos.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

{Shopping} More Trader Joe's Finds - Faves & Staples Edition

I know I just did a TJ's post last month full of new finds but I decided I should share my favorites and staples too.  These are things I try and pick up every visit (or items that are staples in our house).
If you like the warm crusty bread you get at restaurants, this is for you.   The Half-Baked Idea Ficelle bread is exactly that, half baked and you finish the rest of the baking at home. One loaf is good for 3-4 of us at dinner.  I keep it in the freezer and if I forget to defrost one, I pop it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, then bake according to the directions.
Last time I shopped I tried the Savory Thin Rice Crackers.  This time I saw the mini version Multiseed with Tamari Soy Sauce version.  They have a lot of flavor!
I love checking out the baking aisle at TJ's. I always buy their Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.   I love the packaging!
Speaking of the baking aisle, here are two other staples that I buy there.  I like that the TJ's Baking Soda comes in a can like Baking Powder. It stays fresher than the box that way.
I've been trying out all of the beauty products and picked this Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion up the last time I was there.  I'm waiting until my other moisturizer runs out but I'll keep you posted once I try it.
 I always throw a bag of each of the Trader Joe's frozen meatballs in my cart. The Meatless Meatballs are our favorite veggie meatballs and the turkey meatballs are Mr. Click's favorite.
I found a brand new tin of the Head To Toe Moisturizing Balm under my kitchen sink and it felt like Christmas. This stuff is so GOOD for dry skin. I'm not sure if they still make it, I will look next time I'm there.
I had a hard time getting/finding the Organic Red Lentil Sedanini (pasta) but when I finally spotted it, I picked it right up.  It's really good for gluten free pasta. I like the extra protein we get with the lentil flour it's made from!

What's your favorite TJ product?
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Upcycled Tray 2.0: Marble-ous!

 The last time I upcycled this tray was in 2014. It was a thrift store find that got a  chalk paint and map-scrap makeover.  Miss High School claimed it for her room and there it stayed.
Until she decided to let it go but I just couldn't.  It languished by my letter board for awhile.
 I knew I wanted to add more marble accents to the basement and I had some leftover marble contact paper from this project so my plan came together.
 Once again I used chalk paint to paint the sides and edges of the tray.
Since I was covering a dark color with a lighter one, I needed about 3-4 coats.  I didn't worry about taping off the center because I would be covering it.
 Then I added the marble contact paper and smoothed it out the best I could.   I had just enough with only a little excess to cut off.
 There are a few bubbles but they don't bother me.
I'm happy with the freshened up look!  Since I already had the paint and contact paper it was a zero cost makeover!
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Four On Friday


Here's what I've been... dad
He would have been 80 this past week.  I miss him so much.

Photographing...the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Marveling daughter's artwork

{AP Portfolio Board}
Working up the front porch.
The weather warmed up and the porch was in desperate need of a makeover(and prom #1 is tonight!).
Have a lovely weekend my friends!
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

{Travel} Easter Weekend-Philly/ Brooklyn

 Easter seems like it was so long ago but it wasn't *that* long ago. Our Easter  weekend ended up being the tale of two cities.  On Saturday Mr. Click and I went to Philly for the day.
 We went to a pop up vegan flea market.
 It was a tiny flea market but packed with really good stuff!
 I loved supporting vegan vendors and picked up quite a few goodies.
This guy even tried the pulled jackfruit bbq sliders and peanut noodles (and loved them!).  He's a trooper!
We walked around the city for a little bit after the flea market. It was still a little chilly but the sun was shining.
 Then on Sunday we went to Brooklyn to have brunch with City Girl. I started with a delicious mimosa.
 I ordered the tofu scramble (see my recipe here).
We walked to Prospect Park (family selfie).
 I love exploring Brooklyn!
 The park is huge.
 We walked a lot and still didn't cover the entire park.
 Can you see the chipmunk? You have to look pretty closely at the center of the photo. Look for the stripe.  They are so cute!
 The weather was beautiful and I can only imagine how much prettier it will get as it warms up.
Of course we ended our visit with coffee.  I don't know why my iced oat latte from Hungry Ghost looks so tiny but it does!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

{The Abode} Master Bedroom Update

The last time you saw our master bedroom, it looked like this.  We had upgraded to a new upholstered bed and king sized mattress.  The thing with getting a different sized mattress is that you need to start from scratch so we needed to get  new everything for it.
I knew I wanted the look of a pinch pleated duvet cover and was eyeing one up at West Elm but found this Target lookalike for a lot less.
I ordered my favorite sheets from QVC (Northern Nights) and found a down alternative comforter at Home Goods.  We also bought a king sized blanket from Costco. That thing is huge (and not seen in these photos).
 I love the look of it so much!  The throw is a place holder until I find a larger one that I really love.
 It took awhile to figure out what kind of accent pillows I wanted to add but I settled on two navy pillows with tiny pom pom trim and a monogrammed pillow with large pom pom trim for the center.   The navy pillows are from Home Goods and came in a set. The monogrammed pillow cover and pillow are from PBTeen.
 We swapped out our white slipcovered bench from the foot of the bed because it visually blocked the base of the bed and moved that down to the basement.  I found these midnight blue velvet tufted ottomans at Target too. Two together give me the look of the bench and open up the space with their gold x bases.  I put them together myself!
Finally we switched out the chair. Previously we had an overstuffed chair and ottoman but it didn't fit with the new bed.
Here's a photo of the old bed, overstuffed chair/ottoman combo and you can see the slipcovered bench peeking out at the foot of the bed.  My chalk painted end tables are featured in this post.
We moved the chair and ottoman down to the living room and swapped in my reupholstered beauty that happens to match the ottomans perfectly!
{REVEAL} The Chair
I think I can call the room done for now!
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