Wednesday, December 12, 2018

{Travel} Day 7 Dublin -Part 2; Dublinia and Christ Church Cathedral

Back to Day 7 of our trip and it was our last full day with College Girl so we made the best of it (she had classes starting the next day).  After our morning at Trinity College and The Book of Kells, then some shopping and lunch (see it all here and here), we went to Dublinia.
Dublinia is the Irish Viking Museum.

Did you know there were Irish Vikings?  I didn't!

 The museum was really interesting.


It was self guided and just a few floors.

 One of the coolest things about the museum is that you exit through this bridge over to Christ Church Cathedral.
 But first you can go to the very top of Dublinia and get a fantastic view of the city (even when it's wet and foggy).


You end up in the gardens of Christ Church which are currently under construction and can't be seen from the road.
This barrier blocks the view but you can see it from inside the garden.

 These doors are gorgeous and super tall.
Walking around Dublin, you see a lot of brightly painted doors and they call them "The Doors of Dublin".
The view from our flat's kitchen window.
 Ha'penny Bridge at night.
 Ending the night with a little wine by the electric fireplace.
to be continued..

Our trip started here.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

{Travel} Day 7 Dublin-Shopping at Flying Tiger

I'm devoting a whole post to this store because I loved it so much.  Flying Tiger is a company out of Copenhagen and has stores all over the world.  I didn't realize they also had locations in NYC until City Girl reminded me that she had gotten me one of my favorite candle holders from there. oopsie.  Anyway, College Girl had discovered it in Dublin and I was equally enthralled with its offerings. Especially the Christmas decor.
 I'm a sucker for gnomes at Christmas. This mailbox is too cute.
 Everything is very inexpensive, it was a shame I had such a small suitcase!
 We were able to shop for College Girl's dorm though so I could live vicariously through her.
 The stuff is just so darn cute.
 An Advent candle!
 Cozy sweater-ed coffee mugs!
More gnomes!!  
 I did pick up a few things to bring back with me, but this carrot peeler wasn't one of them.  What do you think? Do you love Flying Tiger as much as I do?

Catch up on our travels here.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

{Travel}Day 7 Dublin: Part 1 - Book of Kells, Shopping & Captain America

I think we're up to Day 7 of our trip and visiting our daughter in Dublin.  To catch up on our Edinburgh trip, start here and Day 1 of Dublin is here.
Skirt: Primark
Fleece Tights: Primark
Chambray Button Down: Old Navy (thrifted)

We discovered a cute cafe called Blas  near our flat and had a lovely breakfast there before heading out.
With our trusty tour guide we walked over to Trinity College to view The Book of Kells.

 You have to pay admission to get in to see them.
 It's a walk through exhibit and very interesting.
 My favorite part was the Long Room.
 This library is really awe inspiring and gorgeous.
 I could have spent all day in there!

 This letter cracked me up!
 Off we go for more coffee...
 and some shopping...
 This mall was so pretty. We spent a good amount of time in Flying Tiger and I'm going to do a separate post of all of the cute Christmas merchandise we found there.
 Time for some lunch so of course we stop Captain Americas.
 The decor was definitely fun to explore.
 And the food wasn't bad either!
 I ordered veggie fajitas and they were quite yummy!
There's more from this day but it will have to wait until later.

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