Friday, July 30, 2010

J'♥Montreal! Part 2

     If you need to catch up on Part 1 of our trip,you can click here.
We took the Metro to Pie IX (Pronounced Pee Neuf) Station to see the Olympic Stadium and Botanical Gardens.  The gardens opened earlier so we went there first.
We thought this was it, this is just the outside of the Botanical Gardens.

This is the indoor part of the garden that we didn't even get into.

Working on my skillz...

I loved the iron work on the gate into the Rose Garden.
Just a bit of the Rose Garden.
The Chinese Garden

Les Trois Etoiles (the three stars)

Fitting right in here.

Japanese Garden

This rock formation was in the the First Nations Garden.

OK, time to head over to the Olympic Stadium and up into this funicular ride in the Observation Tower. All the way UP!
The stadium was built for the 1976 Olympics

We had a birds eye view of Montreal, even on an overcast day.  On the way out we passed this theater, check out all of the French movie titles!  Our favorite was Detestable Moi!

Dinner at a Creperie (view out the window from out table)

My brie and Granny Smith apple crepes with maple syrup.

You want some, don't you?

One of the many street musicians.
Another beautiful evening in Montreal.

to be continued...

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

J'♥Montreal! Part 1

From the moment we stepped onto Canadian blacktop soil, we felt like we were a world away from home.  Everyone greets you with a "Bon Jour" so you better get your French on!  Luckily everyone we encountered also spoke perfect English so when our French faltered, they knew how to help us.
I didn't take any pictures of our hotel, but here's one from their website. It was a centrally located suite hotel located in downtown Montreal with a rooftop pool, free wifi and breakfast. Our room was HUGE! We had a full kitchen, living room with a desk and two bedrooms. Sweet suite!

We arrived in the early afternoon and immediately went out to explore downtown and pick up some groceries for our room.   Later we walked to Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal) for dinner. It was a short down hill walk from the hotel with plenty to see on the way.  Every Metro station was designed by a different architect and built in a different style.  This one is Square Victoria and is modeled after the metro in Paris.
Busy taking their own pictures!

Montreal is so easy to get around. We walked almost everywhere or took the very easy to navigate Metro. We also felt very safe and comfortable walking around,even at night.

Montreal is known for great bread and we were not disappointed. They served these hot crusty beauties with a spicy chili, rosemary and olive oil dipping sauce.

The pretty cobblestone streets in Old Montreal

Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal

to be continued....

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Black and White Wednesday-Crochet Lessons

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{Rembering}The Other Disney and LaJolla Part 6

We absolutely love California. We'd been to Northern California twice and were on our first family trip to Southern California, getting in our Disney fix, then tripping out in LA and finally relaxing in beautiful La Jolla/San Diego area.  We were staying at the lovely Torrey Pines and oh how I miss it, even the smell..Torrey pine needles mingled with wood smoke, eucalyptus and rosemary (try their signature shower gel!).The resort was a golfer's paradise but since only one of us golfs at the moment, we just enjoyed the pool, restaurant and croquet greens when we weren't out exploring the area.

It was time to wrap up our trip and we had one very special thing planned. 
But first on the agenda, a trip to Sea World, San Diego.
Gotta love the dolphins!
and the Polar Bear exhibit.

More dolphins....

Back to the hotel for some R & R.

That evening we did this:
photo credit:theorie
photo credit:theorie
photo credit:theorie
an hour before:
A truly special way to end our time in California last summer.

Do you have any great California adventures? Are you lucky enough to live there? Let me know!!

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