Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Wish List 2010

I've seen these floating all over the blogosphere, and before I forget, I must write some of our (my) summer goals down.

 **Fast forward three months**Thought it would be fun to see what we actually accomplished (with photos if possible) before I posted it.  I really wanted a relaxing summer to get a break from the school-year craziness so a lot of these wishes are on the lazy side.

Summer Wish List 2010
 1.Go to the beach cannot believe we did not make it to the beach again!  Maybe September...

 2Make sock monkeys. We just made a pink one too!

4.Make jam
5.Sleep late a lot!! This was great!

6.Learn new card games

7.Watch more movies on weekdays(get Netflix)  We did get Neflix and we're all loving it. Hubs and I are getting caught up on Mad Men.
8.Try new crafts (see #2)

9. Read lots of books/go to the library every week Besides my book club book(The Shell Seekers), I've been catching up on my Sookie Stackhouse books and the kids have been reading a lot too!

10.Make some new recipes

11.Go on vacation(s)

12. Visit colleges We would have if Hurricane Earl hadn't reared his ugly head eye and foiled our plans.  We did a last minute trip to NYC instead.  She's only a junior so we still have some time.

13. Make ice cream

14. Get caught up on my scrapbooks (do 10 pages a week) That's about 100 pages for the whole summer and I'm up to about 70+ I'm getting there, just plowed through 400 Disney photos from Easter.

15. Do lots of thrifting
17. Work on bedrooms

18. Watermelon Fountain

19. Improve our sparkler drawing We will do this over the weekend.

20. Take the kids on separate mini vacations Both kids had time away from us, eldest went off to a week long business program at a a college campus and then off to cheer camp, youngest had trips to American Girl Place and Disney. We had quality one on one time with each girl while the other was away.

21. Go to a theme park

22. Catch fireflies

23. Build tree house/put trampoline up This is an ongoing wish. The backyard is a work in progress (so far only in our minds) and we do have this family "tree house" for now with lots of ideas for the future.

24. Learn to knit/crochet  both girls learned how to crochet this summer, I still can't knit.

25. Go to the carnival no photos because I avoid the carnival if I can!

 We got almost everything accomplished and did some things that weren't on my list so all in all I'm pleased. What did you do this summer?

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Life in Rehab said...

Wow, when you do a round up, it sure does show how busy you've been! That's a pretty impressive summer.

Julie Harward said...

You forgot that great closet work and organization! Looks like you have had a really good summer, with many memories for all of you! :D

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my heart. You had such a busy and fun summer. I can't believe how many goals you accomplished! Way to go. Hope this upcoming school year is great for your family!

BigBearswife said...

I worked most of the summer haha. but we did get to go berry picking, moved into a new house and got a new puppy. ps. my mom is scared to death of sock monkeys but I love them.

Eve said...

Wow, you got so much done this summer, I know it feels nice. Love how you put fun things on the list and not just chores :D

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