Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrift Store Finds 2

My second trip to the thrift store did not yield as much swag as my last trip did.  I still found a few nice items.  First,I scored these two little white vases.  Since my lilac bushes are in full bloom right now like I talked about here you can see I'm already putting them to good use.  I like their simple design and slightly different shapes.

I also found an uber cute bunny figurine.  They make hauling a big bag of mulch around look like a good time! The wheels on the bag probably help.
I set up a bunny village for Easter and they fit right in and have made lots of bunny friends.
"Who wants a ride in my carrot car?"
I think I spent $2.25 and then Betsy and I went to lunch.  Betsy didn't buy anything, well I think she bought lunch!! And what a lunch that was.....

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