Monday, April 12, 2010

Disney - Day 3 (part 2) Hollywood and Shopping

Still at DHS for the afternoon (had to walk off that Sci Fi Cafe lunch),

She's ready for NYC!

She wanted to take this picture for a Coke lovin' friend!

Back at our room, housekeeping left us this adorable little guy.

Downtown Disney for the night.....
Ate at one of our favorite quick service restaurants..Wolfgang Puck Express. And I got carded. I laughed out loud seriously lol!!!  The guy told me he had to card anyone who looked 30 or under. That really made my night.
We ran into some people from home in the Pantry store. What are the odds? Bought some pretty multicolored farfalle noodles and then shopped till we dropped. The girls love Basin and I love World of Disney but there are lots of other stores to check out too.
What Dad does while the girls are shopping.
Got some treats at Goofy's Candy Co and hopped the bus home.

to be continued...
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Life in Rehab said...

You SERIOUSLY make me want a Disney fix! Is it wrong if I admit I keep a ziplock bag with a little water on me in case I find a plant I have to pinch to root it because I can't live without it? Those pictures reminded me how talented the gardeners are.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I get the same way when I see other people's Disney pix!
We at ourlifeinaclick do not condone the above mentioned behavior and are quite jealous of those Floridians who could actually do that sort of above mentioned, not condoned 'pinching'. We also agree that they have super talented gardeners.

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