Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Disney Day 5 (part 1) Happy Easter!

Most of us managed to sleep in and what do you know, Mr. E. Bunny did find us!  We woke the kids up so we could make it to the hotel's candy scramble. But first, they had to go through their baskets.  Loving those cute felt buckets!
This was where the candy scramble was set up. What a gorgeous morning!
Craziness ensued because the p/a system was not working and when they announced that the 0-2 age group could begin, all the other groups started to jump in too. Total chaos!!Luckily, there was more than enough candy to go around.
At least it was over quickly and we were able to go down and pose for some Easter pix by the water(don't get to do that ever very often),before heading to breakfast at
The Kona Cafe.
Breakfast was delicious as usual. Kona is known for their banana-stuffed-deep-fried- covered in cinnamon sugar-sourdough-French toast but I was being silly good and ordered the fruit plate(half a pineapple filled with fruit with a side of banana bread).
We didn't have any other set plans that day and decided to go back to Hollywood Studios to do some of our favorite rides and attractions.
to be continued...
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Anonymous said...

Dan LOVES Tonga Toast!! Mmmmmm!!! xo Ang said...

Hey Ang! Thanks for stopping by again!! Tonga Toast is the best, isn't it??? Capt. Cook's has it in the mornings too which is nice!

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