Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Updating our Abode - Kitchen Part 3

Let's see..where were we in our kitchen saga? If you need to be brought up to speed, you can find part 1 here  and part 2 here. We'd just had the countertops installed and gotten a new dishwasher, sink and faucet. We also got a new stainless steel fridge and microwave so almost everything would match.  The old black fridge went out in the garage and comes in handy for holding extra beverages and freezer overload.

I was really excited about this Simple Human trash can next to the island. We didn't really have the space for an under counter trash can and this one fit perfectly under the overhang of the island. It's also foot operated so it is covered in fingerprints anyway hands-free and it closes really slowly so everyone "oohs and ahhs" over it. Who knew a trashcan could cause so much excitement?


Around this time we also purchased a new light for over the island.  If you recall we had this lovely fluorescent beauty overhead way back when....we'll get to the brass and green one over our table later.

I searched for a wrought iron fixture and fell hard for this pot rack chandelier. Wouldn't you?  She's a beauty!

We don't use it to hang pots, that would really block the view in the kitchen,we just like it for it's blinding brightness (we put it on a dimmer for when we don't want so much bling).

We had one little problem, the old light was not directly over the island so that left this hole in the ceiling.  It's still not perfect but it looks a lot better than it did.

More to come.....
Want to see what else we've done?  You can check out  our kitchen part 1  , our kitchen part 2 and our powder room.

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Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I've wanted one of those Simple Human trash cans forever! Especially because they're hands free.

Kelly said...

Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for stopping over and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it! Those SH trashcans are a bit pricey but they are really good quality and mine is still going strong, 4 years later! I also love that you don't see the trash bag at all!!!

Chelsea said...

I love those simple human trash cans, too. They're great! I think we own one, but I can't really remember what brand it is, haha. I think all this remodeling is going to my head! :) Your pot-rack is lovely, though - I don't think I've ever seen one with candles on top before. Very neat! (and oh-so-much better than the flourescent light!) said...

Thanks Chelsea. I can't remember where I got the light fixture now (old age is going to my head!). I know I found it on line and I liked that it had the candles along with the down lights for plenty of brightness when we need it.

Samantha said...

that's pretty much my dream fridge. bottom freezer, double doors w water and ice compartment. LOVE it. said... doesn't have ice on the door, that's the only bummer. I think that was a bigger fridge and it wouldn't fit in the space we had, so we only have water in the door. It does have an icemaker in the freezer though which is my first!!!

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