Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mall Scavenger Hunt Party

We decided on something a little different for my daughter's 10th birthday.  We did a mall scavenger hunt with a bunch of nine and ten year old girls. First off we picked a small, one level mall and split the partiers up into two groups each with an adult and a helper.  We all started at the same spot with our list of clues but the groups went in different ways and completed the tasks in opposite directions.
Each girl got a reusable shopping bag which doubled as a favor and a way to carry around everything they accumulated on the hunt.  These were from Forever 21.

She also decorated her brownie cake with a spiderweb design all by herself.

Some of their challenges were:
1) Go to the watch shop and ask them what time it is
2) Go to birthday girl's favorite store 'for girls' and pick out a shirt for her
3)Here's a penny to make a wish in the wishing well
4)Take a quarter and buy a superball in the vending machines
5)Find the sporting good store and name three jerseys in the window
6)Ride the carousel
7)Go the pet store, find out what the 7th most popular dog name is
Well you get the idea.
  They also got to go into Bath and Body Works and buy the newest lotion and to Claire's where they each had $10 to spend.  They got to pick out something at the dollar store too.  They got to keep all of their purchases and the shopping bag. After both groups finished the scavenger hunt, we all met up and walked over to make our own pizzas at Uno, followed by the spiderweb brownie cake.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!!
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Charla said...

Wow! Now this had to be the COOLEST 10 year old birthday party ever!!How fun and unique! I love it!!!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Thanks Charla! They all seemed to really like it and it was something different.

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