Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disney - Day 2 (part 2) EPCOT

EPCOT was having their Flower and Garden Festival and everything was in full bloom. We loved this tree and jumped up on the little wall to get a photo using the tree as our background.

On our way over to dinner in Mexico we saw a cast member drawing with water and a broom. Amazing, huh?

Dinner (and the margarita I had) were delicious. We toured around the rest of World Showcase before heading back to the hotel for some much needed rest.
Total Exhaustion(waiting for the monorail home)!! It's true that EPCOT stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired.

to be continued.....
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Life in Rehab said...

Every Person Comes Out Tired?!?!?! I'd never heard that! *giggle-snort*

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

That's the unofficial meaning but it is so true!

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