Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegging Out in Disney

No not this kind of vegging out.
 or this kind....

I'm talking about finding vegetarian options while dining around the World.  We usually have the dining plan and try to make sure the restaurant we've picked for our table service meal has some sort of veggie-friendly option. I use to check menus but they are not always up to date so sometimes we're just winging it. My vegetarian doesn't like mushrooms or tofu and they use that a lot in Disney as the vegetarian option so we have to be a little more creative.  Here's a rundown of what we found for her on this trip.
Day 1: Dinner at Tony's in MK.Tony's is great for vegetarians. Lots of pasta and you can just order without the meat.  She ordered the vegetarian lasagna.  YUM.  I also recommend the eggplant stacks from the lunch menu.

Day 2: Dinner in Mexico.  There wasn't anything on the menu that was vegetarian. We asked and they offered a cheese quesadilla or a tortilla, covered in black beans and roasted vegetables. She went of option 2 and it was perfect!  She also had some of my stuffed poblano which was a side with my meal.

Day 3: Lunch at Sci Fi. Not much on the menu but they offered veggie burgers (not on the menu) and that made her happy. Dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express...lots of options: margarita pizza, butternut squash soup, mac and cheese, salads...

Day 4:Tea at the Grand Floridian. It was easy to sub out the egg(doesn't like eggs either) and chicken salad sandwiches for more pear gorganzola and watercress cream cheese sandwiches.

Dinner in MK: Columbia Harbour House has an awesome lighthouse sandwich(hummus, tomato and broccoli slaw on fabulous multigrain bread and a very tasty vegetarian chili.

Day 5: Brunch at Kona Cafe, also plenty of options. She likes the fruit plate and banana bread. That sinful French toast would work as well.
Dinner: Wolfgang Puck Cafe: pumpkin ravioli

Day 6: Lunch in Japan:  Got the vegetarian hibachi meal. She got additional vegetables that didn't come with the other meals and it was plenty of food.

Discovered veggie cheese burgers in Hollywood Studios at Rosie's All American Cafe. Another great option is Backlot Studio Catering's black bean salad.

Captain Cook's at our hotel had the incredible noodle bowl that you could get without chicken. They also offer flatbreads, grilled cheese and salads.
Dinner at Chef Mickey's: Had enough options but not the best food we'd had. But you don't really go to Chef Mickey for the food.
So all in all, we did pretty well, don'tcha think?

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Life in Rehab said...

Ahhhh, so that's why you asked about my vegetarian meatballs! I'll make them again soon and give you the recipe.

Does your little veggie eat fish?

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

Thanks I'll look forward to that. No she doesn't eat fish.

Emily said...

Wow! What a job trying to find the right menu....but good job doing it!!

Deirdre said...

I had the grilled veggie sandwich at Backlot which I thought was good - came with a side of the black bean salad which I thought was bland.
The hummus at the quick service at Morocco is really good. You can get a serving with pita chips (not great) or pita bread (very good).
Do they still have carrots cut like fancy french fries at Columbia Harbour House? We didn't eat there this trip but I love the lighthouse sandwich and their tuna, too!

heather@ourlifeinaclick said...

I forgot about the grilled veggie sandwich at Backlot. That is good! The salad she likes is a tossed salad w/ black beans, cheese, tortilla strips, etc tossed in.
I didn't know about the hummus in Morocco. I will try and remember that for next time.
We wanted to try the guacamole and chips in Mexico quick serve but didn't have time to try it. Looked really good.
I don't think they had fancy carrots at CHH. I love their tuna and chowder too.

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