Monday, January 13, 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2013

I'm getting back into a normal routine this week and that means more regular blogging (hopefully).
Until then, here are my 'greatest hits' of 2013.

1)Most viewed
You guys really don't want to sew (neither do I).

2)Easiest Window Treatment
Like I said, see #1 (above).

I want some NOW!

4.)Most surprising
What a party loving mom sends to her college girl.

5.)Most fun!
Can't wait to do this again!

Needs to be repeated!

Spicy, crunchy cukes.

8.)Most Puzzling
Easter basket just never know what's going to be popular!


10.)Most Thought Out
This seemed to take forever but it was worth it!

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Jules said...

All those posts were great,but not surprisingly my favorite was the gallery wall. Mine is really coming along...all of Zach's pictures are up except this year and I have added a few pops of color here and there. I am really loving it!

Tamar SB said...

You're so crafty! You're making me think about the spaghetti squash I have waiting for me at home!

Katie said...

All of these posts were awesome! I'm really loving the no sew curtain ones...I have a feeling (fingers super duper double crossed!) I'm going to need that soon!

Becky said...

Oh man spaghetti squash is a favorite at our house! Loving the curtains too!!

Dawn said...

I'm going to have to check some of these out more closely - no sew curtains! Yes please!

Bliss said...

I want some cheesy sketti squash now too.

Morgan said...

I saw that stainless steel sink post before, but I forgot about it. I am going to do that for sure. I spray mine down with a mix of vinegar, water and tea tree oil usually, but next time I am going to do the baking soda first and scrub it. :)

I still love those Psych pencils! I am going to my mom's tonight to watch this week's episode and I'm so excited!

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