Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Recipe}Baked Zucchini Chips

These tasty zucchini chips are addictive and easy to make.
The original recipe can be found here.  
You need one large zucchini but at this time of year, the zucchinis are small so I used two small ones (can't wait for summer to try some bigger chips!).  You also need cooking spray, parchment paper and a mandolin slicer, plus some spices of your choice.
Preheat oven to 225 F.
Line baking sheets with parchment paper sprayed with cooking spray.
Cut the zucchini with the mandolin into rounds about the width of a quarter. 
You should end up with a nice plate of zucchini slices that are now ready to bake.
 Put the rounds on to the prepared baking sheets and spray with more cooking spray then add seasonings.  I tried rosemary with sea salt, garlic salt and pepper and plain old salt and pepper.  Use less than you think you will need because they will shrink a lot and the seasonings become much more concentrated.  
 Place in preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes.  Rotate baking sheets and return to oven for another 30-50 minutes, until chips are brown and crisped to your liking.
 They should be eaten within a few hours of baking,
but they won't be around that long.
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mail4rosey said...

They look and sound delicious.

Jules said...

These sound delicious....can't wait to try them after I finally get settled!

Bliss said...

I am making these. I even have my zucc's to prove it. I need something to eat my salsa with. Hope I get them made before the salsa is gone.


Katie said...

Um, yes please!

Now I really really hope that I get a mandolin at the shower!!!

Morgan said...

Ahh! These look so good!! Next time I grab some zucchini at the store I know what I'm doing with it!

Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

Yummy! Thanks for sharing with us on the Creative Corner Hop.

Cherished Handmade Treasures

House of Smiths said...

Thanks so much for sharing your post at our linky party this week!
Looks so yummy!

JoAnna said...

It is my quest in life to make these and get them crispy. I fail every.single.time. They are soggy messes.

angela hodges abode said...

These look delicious! I’m hosting a new linky party at http://hickorytrailblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/efforts-and-assets-linky-party-1.html
I would love to have you!

Nicole@nicole-southerncharm.com/ said...

I will have to try these out! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to stop by my blog and follow me! Nicole

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