Wednesday, August 4, 2010

J'♥Montreal! Part 4

Trying to fit six days into four posts, not to mention sorting through my 200 plus photo isn't easy but I'm doing my best.   If you want to catch up, here's Part1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our trip.

We walked back from Old Montreal and stopped in at the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral.
On the way there, we took a break for cupcakes and ice cream.

This was the view from the cupcake shop.

Entering Notre Dame was just awe inspiring and incredibly beautiful.
Did you know Celine Dion got married here?
It's modeled after Notre Dame in France.

Back to the hotel and the rooftop swimming pool.
A view from the rooftop deck.

We decided to stay in town for dinner and on the way home we saw lots of people sitting on the sidewalks and lining up along the streets. We had know idea what was going but it sure looked like a parade was about to happen.  Two women on bicycle were handing out these "hats" to everyone.

All of a sudden we saw this group approaching.

and this followed....

some of this....
and this...

They kept passing out flyers which we were all in French so we were mystified but loving it.
We later found out it was a Satire Parade and that was the only night to see it!
What luck!!!
The next day we took it easy and went to an English movie theater to see Despicable Me.

More shopping that night. We loved this bookstore called  Chapters. I liked this sign over the book display.

We had such a wonderful time in Montreal. Can't wait to go back!!!

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Tina said...

Beautiful pictures! The cupcakes are just too tempting, I may have to make some today -thanks! :-)

Congrats on the spotlight, newest follower from Welcome Wednesday.

Tina @ Your Event Planning Coordinator

Life in Rehab said...

A Satire Parade! How cool. It looks like the whole vacation was a wonderful experience.

thriftymomma said...

Tres jolie! That's the best I can do. These are amazing photos. Thanks./ I am a new follower from take it from me

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

WOW How lucky to see this parade!
The Notre Dame Cathedral is so beautiful!
Great pictures! I would love to go there! Celine Dion got married there! How cool!
Thank you for linking up this post! delightful!

Plantress said...

Ha ha, I love that they kept handing out flyers in french so you were mystified! Nice post.
blog love from your newest follower!
welcome wednesday!

Meaghan said...

Great pics! Beautiful church. Visiting from Welcome Wednesdays, following too!

MamaTink said...

Following from WW. Love the pics! So beautiful!

Mom's Review for you said...

Following! Your blog is very cute! I would love if you could please follow me too!



Lindalou said...

Great photos of Notre Dame. Sometime photos in a church don't really do it justice.

How lucky to see such an unusual parade.

I was in Toronto once and managed to catch their Labor Day parade, which is just people from different unions walking in their union shirts. Not as intereting as your parade.

Megan said...

Just wanted to say hello! I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday!

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"Pieces of Me Pendants" Necklace!

Giveaways for Mom said...

I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday! Hope you'll stop by at and enter some of my great giveaways!

Jodi Whisenhunt said...

What a delightful blog! I'm following from Welcome Wednesday. Would love for you to stop by, where Disney IS school!

Eve said...

Such a great vacation in pictures Heather, I love you 3 beautiful ladies together. And don't get me started on the cupcakes :D

Fiona Designs said...

I am a new follower through Welcome Wednesday - I would love for you to follow me back at:

beingzaraandzidan said...

Hey Heather, I am back. I love these pics. N im gonna take out sum time to catch up on the older posts. Keep up the gud work!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed this post...I'm originally from Montreal so I had a great time getting nostalgic. I especially enjoyed the view from the cupcake shop. Now I could really go for a pastry though....

Lizzi said...

Just looking at Montreal's Notre Dame through your photos is awe-inspiring. And what fun being able to happen upon that parade.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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