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Charleston/Savannah - Day 5 {More Savannah-Part 2}

In my last Charleston/Savannah post we left off after we'd had lunch and visited the stunning Cathedral of St John the Baptist.    After we left the cathedral we walked over to Colonial Park (in this case park is a nice word for cemetery).

It was quite park-like and beautiful to walk around. That's because it was actually converted to a park and restored by the Georgia historical society in the late 1800's.  
This guy Button Gwinnett was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  
For over a century, it served as Savannah's only cemetery, until it became overcrowded. 
Let's not dwell on this too long...
There are historical markers all over the park, like this one about the Great Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1820.
We left the park and started to head back to our hotel.  
Isn't this a gorgeous door leading to someone's back yard?
It's another example of that Savannah ironwork that is so prevalent here.
Stopping in at the prettiest Starbucks I've ever seen for some caffeine fortification.
Another view of the river from River Street.
We did a little shopping before dinner at The Savannah Bee Company. 
Wine Time on the porch!
The girls enjoying their sodas.
We walked to Cha Bella for dinner and were seated on the covered patio.
It was a perfect night for dining al fresco.
Being silly.
After dinner tea.
Walking home..

SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) is everywhere in the city.
What a great place to go to college!
We saved some room for dessert so we could experience Leopold's Ice cream.
The song "Tutti-Frutti" is written about a  Leopold's ice cream flavor by their famous resident Johnny Mercer, who grew up around the corner from Leopold's.  They still sell it, of course!

This is the street side of the River Street Inn.  
Another nice thing about the hotel was their nightly turn down service. We'd get Pecan Gophers Turtles from Savannah Candy Kitchen and SCK "dollars" to spend at the store.  Their pralines were amazing too!
That evening we went on the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour of Savannah.
The houses looked so pretty all lit up at night and the city had a different vibe.
Still beautiful, though...
Maybe a little eerie...
Our tour guide was a lot of fun and quite theatrical.
We all got off of the trolley at Colonial Park/Cemetery.
We did not go into the cemetery (I was glad about that).
We ended the tour at Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery for a "haunting experience".
I won't ruin the (hokey) surprise for you in case you ever want to try it.
That was our last night in Savannah and we had to head back to the Charleston Airport in the morning.
It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back!

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Nicole Pyles said...

What a fun vacation!! I love the "haunting" tours you took - that would have been a blast! (Found you through Life With Twins Blog Hop, by the way!)

Kyetra said...

I love Savannah! I just came over from the blog hop and I'm a new follower. ;0

beckyp said...

awesome pictures Your vacay looks like fun

Katie said...

I am really glad you didn't go into the cemetery either! That would have been so so creepy at night!

I love the tutti-frutti story though, I love that song, so I think I need to try the ice cream!

Mumsy¸.¤ª“˜¨ said...

Savannah is such a beautiful place, and your photos show it.

The Art and Design College is such a fantastic one.

Lola said...

Hi again!

Many thanks for stopping by and look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

Great post – love the look of Leopold's!

Have a great weekend too.

Life in Rehab said...

What a fantastic vacation! I swear I'm going to hijack your life. I'm raising a glass of caber-nay to you both on the patio.

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

I enjoyed your photos of Savannah. The photo of the 3rd house (right before the photo of the tour guide is the Hamilton Turner Inn where we stayed last week. There is so much awesome architecture there.

Jenny said...

Hi Heather! Obviously it's been way too long since I've been to the South!

That area is so gorgeous...and so is your family!

You are all so photogenic!

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