Monday, May 2, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Architecture
Nature's architecture.

2. Rimmed with Light
Beautiful Providence
3. Toes or Feet
Still cute!
4. This is my Favorite
Maybe this isn't the best photo but I love the moment it captured between my girls.
5. Shade(s)
Finding the perfect shade of foundation for prom.

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Ashley Sisk said...

These are great and I really like your interpretation for the first two shots!

b. lee said...

the Architecture shot is sooo creative ~ beautiful * *

Mel said...

Your photog. skills are really coming along. I always enjoy looking at your shots.

The shot of the girls is wonderful; capture of time that passes by way too quickly.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great shots, Heather.

Sheila said...

Your Architecture shot is great. That is so amazing! I love the "this is my fav" pic too! My sis and I use to do each others hair all the time, it brings back memories.

Buckeroomama said...

I love that first shot and also how whimsical your Feet or Toes shot is! :)

Nicole said...

I really love your photos! I was trying to go for something like "architecture in nature" but I was stumped. That is the PERFECT choice!

deb duty said...

Love your take on architecture and the feet shot is really cute!

LivingFree said...

Nice shots. I love the web your captured.

Jackie said...

The picture of the girls brought a tear to my eye, I can just see my girls doing that years from now. I love having 2 girls. I hope I can say that in years to come!

Jenny said...

Perfect pictures. Just lovely!

My Captivating Images said...

Your architecture shot is awesome! :) They are all wonderful.

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