Thursday, May 10, 2012

Party Thrifting

Forgive me if I seem distracted lately....I'm pretty focused on this girl's graduation party.
In preparation of this party, I've been checking out the thrift stores for serving pieces and decor.
My latest purchases:
 The main color theme for the party will be red so the chip and dip should come in handy, at .47c it was a steal!  I'm collecting different sized mason jars for flower arrangements.  
 Aqua may or may not be an accent color but I just loved this colander so it was coming home with me.
Wouldn't it look sweet filled with cherries?
 The little white vase is perfect for holding a few lilac blooms on the mantel.
I'm already using the colander in the kitchen. I like the blue against my new grey color scheme!
Have you been thrifting lately? 
Got graduation on your mind like me?

two years ago..Goodwill Hunting

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scrappymo! said...

I love thrifting...haven't been in a while...maybe your post will spur me on to wander over that way!!!

2 years ago, my daughters and i made up hampers for 8 new immigrant families from Moldova (near the Ukraine). Each family got 3 new presents for their child and 2 laundry baskets full of groceries and toiletries that we couponed for. Their 3rd laundry basket was thrift shop finds, cleaned up, repainted where necessary, and just generally "beautified"!

I have the pictures somewhere...I should do a blog post about it as it was so much fun!!!

Kimberly said...

My daughter graduates college on Sunday!!

dee dee said...

How much fun to thrift for the party items! Can't wait to see it all put together!
dee dee

Elaine said...

Hi, Heather....I always check the thrift stores when planning a celebration. You never know what you'll find and it always looks good! I love your choices! No graduations around here this year (my youngest will be graduating college in a couple of years) but until then I'm always looking for an excuse to have a party!

I'm a new follower from Fun Friday Hop. Please drop by my place when you get a chance...I'd love to have you! :)

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

Love that colour!!

New follower from Fun Friday Blog Hop

Katie said...

I love your purchases! They are fabulous!!! They will look great at her graduation party. I'm sure it will be a blast!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo

Jandamom said...

Following from Fun Friday Blop Hop. Love the blue colander.

Becca said...

Those apples look so delish (and I love the color of that colander)! I want to go thrifting again soon!

Found you blog hopping :)

Cheryl said...

I love all of your neat thrift store goodies! Have fun with the party planning!

Alicia said...

I absolutely love that colander! It's my favorite color! I also love that you looked in the thrift stores to find stuff for your party. That's totally cool!

Debbie said...

Love your purchases! Great finds...congrats to your daughter!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on the upcoming graduation.

I did some ultimate thrifting was open trash day in our city...woo hoo!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Love that turquoise collander--very pretty! We went thrifting on Sunday--a half-off everything in the store sale at Salvation Army--we found a chair, a beautiful little side table, a couple of frames, two big baskets I painted to turn into planters outside, a couple of magazine racks, and a gorgeous old hat and coat rack. Total price: $39.50! That's the best I've done in a long time.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Congrats to your daughter on her graduation! My oldest niece is graduating from graduate school in a couple of weeks, we're all so excited for her.

So much fun, $.47! Can't beat that. And I adore your colander, that's my favorite color.

Jeannie Marie said...

we thrifted items for my son's Rehearsal Dinner last fall.

It was the most fun ever to find dishes and decorations for practically nothing!

Unknown said...

Beautiful finds! I love that colander!

Stopping by to say Hi from Welcome Wednesday!

Dana @

LV said...

Smart lady. The direction you are taking for this party will be nice but not too costly.

★Carol★ said...

That aqua colander is fantastic, and I think anything would look great in there, but cherries would really look amazing, because lately I love the red and aqua color combination!
Happy REDnesday,

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