Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 18

Happy Saturday!! 
More prom shots from the weekend.  I love the chaotic shots in between the posed ones.
Row 1 *no more swing set*chorus concert*trying on a potential dress for graduation*
Row 2 *cute box from Mod Cloth*younger daughter's artwork at Showcase Night*just got this scrapbook for older daughter's high school album*
Row 3*produce shopping*fridge on Monday*lunch*
Row 1*finishing this great book*more chorus concert*
Row 2*wishing my clematis looked like this*bloody sock--hardcore walking!*
Row 3*flowers from the garden*
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and get to see the Super Moon tonight!

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Mel said...

ouch...that really is some hard core walking.

I always love looking at your Friday phone dump. You share so freely of yourself and your family. Love that about you.

Mama Hen said...

Love all the pictures! Sorry about the bloody sock! That really is quite a bit of walking! I hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

dee dee said...

Looks like another busy week!
I just love your daughter's yellow dress, it looks very vintage! Hope your toe is ok.
dee dee

Katie said...

Ow! That is a serious walk! It totally reminded me of Schilling in the World Series back in 2004.

I love the book you got for your daughter's high school album!

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