Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Ideas & Memories

Wow! Easter is less than a week away now!!
Here are some of the Easter projects I've done over the years.
 Like this Peeps wreath (my first candy wreath).
I still have it but it has faded a little bit. I keep it in a big Ziploc bag.
 My daughter always enjoyed decorating a gingerbread bunny hutch (kit).
 So cute!
This Peeps sunflower cake from Taste of Home really inspired me ...
and my friend who made it herself. Looks better than the original, doesn't it?
How about some yummy Radish Hash browns for your Easter Brunch.

Or this cute bread appetizer bunny (also from Taste of Home). I still haven't attempted to make it.
Here's something I did try: Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls..oh em gee are these things delectable. They'd make a great Easter brunch addition.
How would this Lemonade Ice cream Dessert be for your Easter dinner's crowing touch. Yum Yum!!
 When the kids were younger (and if we were home for Easter), the Bunny would leave them with a yarn maze to find their baskets.
Each kid had their own color of yarn tied to their bedroom door knob and they had to wind it up and unravel the web to find their baskets.
 One child seemed to enjoy it more than the other.
 I think she almost has it!
 Yay! (and how cute was she?)
 This happened quite a few different years.
 We also went to Disney one Easter and that was a lot of fun.
That's a given in Disney, though.
 There was even an egg hunt at our hotel.
The girls and I had tea at the Grand Floridian.

 Of course the decorations were over the top and amazing!
 A few more blasts from the past.
 Where does the time go?
See that "big" one in this photo? Last Easter break we went on our college road trip with her.
Mind blowing, right?

Are you ready for your holiday?
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dee dee said...

Wayne and i both love your peep sunflower cake! thanks for sharing your sweet memories with us today!
dee dee

Lindalou said...

I love the yarn thing idea for leading to their baskets.

Where does the time go is something I say almost every day.

Katie said...

Finally catching up after all the craziness this week! I loved seeing all of your Easter traditions. I saw the bunny appetizer bread and really wanted to try it, but I know I am not that talented!

Your scavenger hunt photos are great, I love the seven with feet and original seven was my converse shoes, because they are "seven" years old, but then I did the math and realized that they are way older than seven and got super upset, so I had to find a new picture!

Also, your daughter's self portrait is amazing! She is very talented! Have you read "Bossypants" yet? I made the mistake of reading it on the plane last summer, I was laughing so hard, the guy next to me was not happy!

Bliss said...

I make a lemonade dessert but it is different so I am going to give this one a try.

In a blink of an eye....


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