Thursday, June 2, 2011

College Road Trip

I still find it hard to believe that it's time to start looking at colleges with our oldest daughter.  So that's how we spent our Easter vacation.   
She looks like a co-ed already, doesn't she?
Day one we visited this lovely place.

I wonder if their parents know what all that tuition money is being used for {and what their kids are up to!}

We also took a side trip to Moosewood Restaurant. I've had their cookbook forever and it's been well used and loved over the years.  To actually get to eat there was a big thrill!

If you don't know Moosewood, they've been an innovator in vegetarian cuisine since 1973, you can read all about them here.

The food did not disappoint.  I think this was moussaka.

Caprese sandwich

Italian stew.

The next day we visited another school

Aren't college campuses pretty?

Oh and it SNOWED in late April!!! We were not prepared for it so it was a very chilly, uncomfortable  tour that we endured...but we still liked the school!
This was the footwear we had with us.

Luckily it was warm and cozy at this pub where we had dinner.

But it was a freezing run home to our hotel!

Loved this twist on a  "Do Not Disturb" sign.

More driving and checking into hotels.

Pretty city!

I already posted this photo but I love it.
The following day we toured two schools...if you're keeping count that's four schools in three days.  The daffodils were in full bloom!

This was an art school and I couldn't stop taking pictures of all the interesting pieces everywhere.


I loved all of the art studios.

The sewing studio.

Off to another tour.

 I want to go back to school!

That night we ate dinner at Fire & Ice. We had never been to one and thought it was a cool concept.
Before we knew it, it was time to head back home.  We covered 900 miles in four days and saw four schools and made it home in time for the Easter Bunny.
We visited another school last week.
Headed to the big city!

It was another beaut!

The weather was beautiful and the tour was wonderful.

Every school seems to have it's own little quirks.
This one had an old engine room.

and it's also home to a family of kitties.

This one is alive, just sleeping peacefully as we walked on by.

There was a sculpture garden!

It's been fun and stressful and a lot take in but it definitely helps to visit the schools! We have a bunch more to visit before she applies and we'll probably be revisiting some.
Have you been on any college visits yet? 
Do you remember visiting them for yourself?
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Unknown said...

How fun! I remember taking a college road trip with my parents over the summer - it was a great time looking at all the colleges and touring them. :)


Life in Rehab said...

Wow, that's a lot of hoofing in just a few days! You guys must have been exhausted! Your oldest is going to have one heck of a time narrowing the choices down.

We'll be doing this after next year- in triplicate.

Jenny said...

Gosh. Your daughter is lovely. Some of those buildings are absolutely delicious, aren't they?

I use the Moosewood cookbook, too. Lucky you getting to actually experience it. That food looks fabulous.

deb duty said...

Beautiful photos of the old buildings. Sounds like you had wonderful visits.

Susan said...

What fun pictures. And that stew, I'm hungry.

Beautiful campus and your daughter is gorgeous!!

Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Samantha said...

that's so exciting, heather! those campuses are gorgeous. i only toured ASU, UCSD and SDSU. What is she going to study?

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You went to Moosewood?...I am so jealous! Love their cookbooks. We have one daughter graduated, one who will be a senior in Vermont this coming semester and one going to a local NJ college. I wish your daughter happy days at school, and you a little comfort until you get used to her being away.

Kathy Walker said...

What an adventure selecting a college is! The colleges are gorgeous...has she selected one? Is she an art major?

Linda said...

Visiting colleges with our sons was fun and scary...but in the end I was happy with their choice...and I was so glad they settled into the same school. Good luck to you both!

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