Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Vegan Finds

We've discovered a few more vegan products that my daughter really likes.  The first one has been wonderful because she has found a dairy free yogurt that tastes most like her old favorite Chobani Greek yogurt.
SO Delicious Greek Style Coconut Milk Yogurt did the trick!  It's not easy to find but I hope it starts becoming more readily available.
West Soy Seitan is another new product that we've tried and enjoyed.  It's a wheat protein that is very high in protein (21 grams per 1/3 cup serving!) and can be used to replace chicken or beef in your recipes.  So far I've made seitan with mushroom gravy and seitan with peppers and onions.
This Gimme Lean Ground "Sausage" is also quite tasty. I made stuffed mushrooms with it. I've heard it's also good in a tofu scramble.  It's very versatile, you can slice it up and fry the patties or crumble it up for other recipes.

We also discovered Healthy Top Whipped Topping. It's non-dairy and non-soy. It's made from a mix of coconut oil, almonds, sweet almond oil, cashews and pure cane sugar. It's also shelf stable which is cool! I have a box chilling in our fridge for when we're ready for whipped 'cream'.

I started talking to a woman in the supermarket by asking her how she prepares seitan and she was a wealth of information for me for other products to try.  This was another one of her suggestions. 
Soy Boy Tofu Ravioli. Now we can all enjoy stuffed pasta.  I know my daughter was missing ravioli and she said these are very good.

I was just on their website and see they have two other flavors-Ravioli Rosa, a tomato pasta with a sweet pepper and organic tofu filling and Ravioli Verde, spinach pasta stuffed with a garden herb seasoned organic tofu filling..they both sound good!
 I will be on the lookout for them.

Miss Vegan is not a big peanut butter fan but she thought she might like almond butters. These  Justin's Almond Butters came in small packs so I didn't have to buy a whole jar in case she didn't like them.   I picked up the chocolate almond butter and the maple almond butter for her.  These are great for a quick and filling snack.  They also make dark chocolate peanut butter cups that are vegan but I haven't found them yet.
To see my other vegan staples, click here and here.

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Lindalou said...

I am impressed at how dedicated you are to this. I'm also surprised at all the options out there.

momto8 said...

you are doing a fantastic job!! you can write a book to help all the vegans of the world.

urban muser said...

these look super yummy to me! have a great weekend.

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