Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 16

I'm trying out a new program for collages called Picture 2 Picture.
I think I sort of have the hang of it but it's not as easy as Picnik.

row 1*turtle we saw on our morning walk*ruffle-y daffodil in my garden*other flowers in the garden* I think it's vinca*clam puppets that my older daughter made for school musical (so cute!)*

row 2*college reception in the city for my older daughter*lilacs!*pretty sky*cupcakes that my younger daughter made(also so cute!)*turtle again*

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Kimberly said...

I will have to check out picture 2 picture. I will miss Picnik.

Danelle said...

Awesome collage! Love those rubber ducks. :)

Katie said...

Aw, its only been a few days and I already miss picnik too!

I love your phone dump though! The flowers are beautiful, and the clam puppets and cupcakes your daughters made are both awesome!

Tracy said...

What a fun collage of photos.

Courtney said...

Great collection! Your daughter's cupcakes turned out awesome. So cute! The flowers are very pretty. Thanks so much for linking up, Heather!

Free movies said...

I like your blog :)

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