Monday, May 3, 2010

Brush with Greatness!
Sherry P.(half of that super cute and clever duo that make up the fabulous website known as Young House Love)just left a comment on my Mantel Makeover post!!! I checked in on my favorite DIY blog this morning and left a comment and link to my springy switcheroo.  Who knew she'd actually read it and visit my humble little blog AND leave a comment. Ok..gushing done. Just had to share, I knew you'd all appreciate it! Thanks for listening..time to go faint from doing the happy dance!  So have you had any brushes with "Blog Royalty"? Spill it..'cuz I'm on a 'comment high'!

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iheartorganizing said...

Congrats on the comment, funny how it can totally make your day, I mean YEAR, right?


Heather said...

Heather, you are too cute.

I don't think I have encountered any royalty yet, but I sure love and appreciate each and every person that comments on my blog. Who knew that anyone would actually read it:)?

I am happy for you!! You deserve it.. you have been very busy over here:)
h said...

Jen and Heather...

Thanks for stopping over and commenting. I appreciate each one!
ps..thx for following along as well. What a nice surprise to wake up to! :)


Samantha said...

that is too neat!!! i love their blog as well!

are you familiar with Angie Smith ( ? if not, stop what you're doing and start with her first post ever.

anywho- i once sent her an e-mail and then a few weeks later she wrote me a note and sent me a bible. isn't that sweet!?!

i'm now apart of her book club which is really neat, you should check it out. said...

Samantha..I will check her out. Always like hearing about good blogs!!



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