Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Transformation Tuesday

This was the other day...                                   ...and today.
They'll look even better in a month or so when they are spilling out over the sides.

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Unknown said...

Yay! Let there be life! They look so Springy and cheerful... and alive. :)

~ Chelsea

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Thanks Chelsea..they are out back and I don't really notice them until we're spending more time in the yard.


Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

They look great! You are one speedy girl. Thanks for linking it up to my Transform Tuesday party. I am also looking forward to trying the lemonade icecream dessert. Happy day to you!

Petie@inspirednesting.com said...

Ahhh! Spring has sprung....bring on summer!!!!

Life in Rehab said...

Amazing what a few bright flowers can do. It looks great Heather, and make sure you update us in June!

Heather said...

looks good! I need to do the same, will post when I do:)

About the blue birds... funny you should say about the last couple of years... I saw a family about 2 years ago and none before or since so it is pretty exciting to have them. I think they are going to build their nest in one of the houses, but the goofy male keeps trying to chase away his reflection in one of our windows... pretty protective of his girl!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

They will look great when they fill in. Doesn't take long. I cut my plant way back and it has gone crazy growing back.

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