Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teen Room Redo-Part 3 & Reveal

Well I think we are finally done the teen's bedroom (again)!  If you'd like to see where we started, you can read Part 1 and Part 2
I did one little makeover project with this sad old table from Ikea.  It was an outdoor table and looked the part.
After a few coats of blue spray paint, it looked like this. It's the perfect spot for this retro looking phone I found at Good Will (it really works, not that she needs a land line!)
Handsome, no?

The rest of the room came together with her bedding choices, all from Ikea.  She pulled the paint color from the floral pillow's embroidery.
The area over her little desk needed some more storage.  There were two red shelves there before and we put them back up after we painted.

Below the shelves we hung up this little system.  It helps to free up some valuable desk space real estate.
At the foot of her bed, we added seating and storage with this little bench.

The bed all made up (for once). 

There is a narrow ledge behind the pillows for holding bedside necessities.
We still need some kind of artwork on that wall (OK, we're not completely done).

It's almost finished!
The new ceiling fan/light combo.

We also added this chair temporarily for additional seating until we find a better one. It's growing on me.  New white panels now soften the windows.

She found this vintage tin tile at an antique store.

We took the doors off of the closet so to keep it looking neat we've added lots of hooks and baskets.
I made some card stock tags to label the baskets
More hooks for belts, bags and scarves (even a dustpan and brush never been used).

Ikea no longer carries the baskets so I purchased some covered boxes for out of season items and put them on the remaining two shelves.

A spot for her sketchbook and storage for all of her magazines.

We found this little black organizer at Forever 21 and it sits on the shelves above her desk.

This PB-like book end came from Home Goods.

We both loved these heavy metal (iron?) stars from the antique store so we got a few of them to scatter around the room. This one is on her shelf.

This board and hooks also came from the antique shop.  It's decorative and functional.
Teens love their memorabilia.

We are decorating above the mirrored closets with vintage and vintage inspired objects.  I found this radio in our attic. It's a reproduction from the Ritz cracker company.  It's a nice back drop for another star, the cute little Ikea clock and a mini Eiffel Tower.

More thrift store finds from this trip, another star and a candle holder from my room finish it off for now.

We are 99% done and happy with the results.  It rarely looks like this but she can whip it back in shape pretty quickly for guests or if we're having a party (like this weekend).
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Petie@inspirednesting.com said...

Looks great, Heather! I like her style. I'm going to steal some of those closet ideas to keep things off the floor. I'm always looking for ways my daughter can get her room picked up quickly :)

Cassie Bustamante said...

the entire room looks adorable! i love the bedding, and how great is all that storage around the bed. and it creates a cozy little nook. when i was that age i always did my homework laying in bed rather than at a desk. that's the perfect spot for it! thanks for joining my party!

Life in Rehab said...

That looks terrific! The closet is so organized, the bedding looks just dreamy, and everything is so light and airy. Great redo, and what a beautiful, calm space.

Julie Harward said...

It all looks great! I used to have a little table like that, it was re and it would fold up, wish I still had it! I love the bedding too..so cute! And why do people put doors on closets, they can be made so cute..like this! Come say hi :D

Love Of Quilts said...

You certainly have do a lot to this room its really pretty. Trish

Debbiedoos said...

What a great looking NEAT room Heather! I spy the camera AGAIN!

Diana said...

Love it. Some great ideas also
Well done


Sheila said...

WOW! The room looks amazing!!!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

So cute! Love all the vintage and retro finds! You're my kinda gal!

susan said...

Heather-This almost makes me wish I had a teenager again---almost :). The two of you did a great job!!! I love the organization--card stock tags are a great touch. Can you imagine if she actually had to use that phone??? :) :) Great job!

Debbiedoos said...

I love this teen bedroom...I would have loved it growing up. Thanks again Heather.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Wow! What great storage! You did a wonderful job creating a great teen room! Love the little blue table!

KimMalk said...

How cute, there's so much storage. I'm surprised the memorabilia spot is so compact.

Eve said...

You really jazzed up the teen room, all looks well thought out. I'm amazed by how the tags on the baskets really make them look so so pretty. Everything, really really cute.

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