Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hanging a big Mirror

I always pictured a big mirror behind my buffet server in the dining room.  I looked high and low for a thrift store mirror that would be long enough but could not find one. I finally found a simple black mirror at Home Goods.   There's nothing like an impending party at your house to throw you into a home improvement tizzy.  The mirror looked nice just propped up against the wall in the dining room for a few weeks, but would also startle you if you forgot it was there. {I also amused myself by taking random photos.}
 But it was time to actually attach it to the wall.
Previously we had a plate rack above the buffet so that had to be cleared out and taken down.
{Here's a picture of it from my daughter's Sweet 16 Brunch}

Once it was down, the hubs measured and calculated.
Did some figurin' and more measurin'.  We wanted to hide the nails that had held up the plate rack but also leave them up in case we ever wanted to put the plate rack back up there (and to not leave holes in the wall).

And here's how he leveled the two nails. He hung a mini level on a piece of string that was strung between the nails.  I thought this was pretty genius!

And here it is!

I can't wait to get some buffet lamps to accessorize the room.
This is how it's looking right now.
{Well, not exactly because we're hosting another party tonight but it's pretty close}

It almost feels like we added another window in there. It really reflects the light. If you want to see where we started with our dining room, you can read all about it right here
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Mel said...

Ah, I really like the mirror on that wall. Buffets and mirros just seem to go together so well.

BTW, love your dress :)

Julie Harward said...

I love big mirrors in a home..that looks really nice there. Smart way to hang it too! Your walls are the same color as mine! Come say hi :D

Life in Rehab said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Nothing like a large mirror to shake up a room.

The Paint Splash said...

Love the mirror. Glad it went up easy. Isn't party times fun. Just decided to visit many of the blogs I follow and let everyone know that in 9 more blogs I will be having a give away to celebrate my 100th blog . Debbie

Eve said...

That is so so pretty. I'm wondering why you guys didn't put the mirror there before. hahaa
Great job you two!

Samantha said...

i love that mirror! it's just like the silver one i got there for my master. last weekend it broke and put a crack in my wall. i hung it was major supporters too :( look at the pics! so sad.

Sheila said...

What an amazing touch! Very pretty!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

I love yor new look........mirrors just can't be beat. God Bless Trish

Petie@inspirednesting.com said...

Your mirror looks great. I've been wanting a similar one to lean against the entry wall. I'll bet it could be startling tho!

Nice to be married to a genius too ;)

Have a great party!

LV said...

One thing for sure the man of the house knows what he is doing. Not many would take the type to do all the measuring etc.like that. No wonder your things turn out so well.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love the new large mirror, Heather. I have not seen anyone hang like that before. I guess it worked though. Thanks for linking tonight.

Erin@likegrandmas said...

That mirror looks great and more "light" for sure!

Sarah said...

Isn't it amazing how a mirror can change a space? This looks great. Good idea!

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