Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{Entertaining} Arrested Development Birthday Party

I posted this photo from my Insta-Love September post and I'm not sure what you guys thought these things were all about.  (Except Trish, who thought we were off on another trip--that would have been interesting!)
They are actually props for a birthday party!
Miss Middle School wanted an Arrested Development themed birthday party and I was more than willing to accept the challenge!    She had me at "Annyong".
Pinterest helped a lot and I got almost all of our ideas from this blog.
We started party prep early (in September) and constructed our Bluth's Banana Stand photo booth out of yellow presentation boards, yellow duct tape and foam board.
If you've never seen the show Arrested Development you're probably going to think this is the strangest party ever.  If you're a fan, you should enjoy all of the details!
I realized that I needed a prop for the banana stand so I went to work making a fake frozen banana.  I formed white Sculpey clay into a banana half and pushed a wooden stick in the bottom. I baked it (keeping an eye on the stick in the oven)according to the package directions.  When it was done baking and cooling, I hot glued the stick into the banana.  I painted the banana with brown paint, then rolled it in sprinkles. I also added more sprinkles with glue.  I glued sprinkles onto a plate for 'fake' dipping.
These were are party favors.  Again, you'd have to know the show to appreciate them. 
I had post-it type notes printed up and they were a big hit with the fans of the show.
Here are all of the goodie bags waiting to be given out at the party.
Food is always a big part of our parties and I was excited to watch someone make "Slutty Brownies" that have been all over Pinterest.  Our version used Toll House Cookie dough, covered with mini Reeses' cups bathed in brownie batter then baked to perfection. Truly amazing!
At the last minute (the morning of the party) I painted this sign (also from an episode of the show).
We asked guests to come as their favorite Bluth (or show character). I did my best to be "Kitty Sanchez" the Bluth Company secretary (holding a cooler full of evidence, or is it?).
 I ordered aprons for the banana stand "workers" and followed the directions for printing out the logo onto iron-on paper from this site.
Did I mention that College Girl was home for fall break!!??  She was dressed as a "Hot Cop"with the birthday girl ("Tobias Funke")and their dad ("Michael Bluth").
Here's "Lucille Bluth" or "Gangee" as the kids call her and "Michael". She's ready for a drink.

So the Banana Stand was a pretty good photo booth. We just had horrible lighting and a busy photographer/host/mom.  It was still fun!

The little ones, especially liked working the booth and selling us "frozen" bananas.
I think my faux banana looks pretty believable!

It was great that so many of our guests came in character. 
To the right we've got "Lindsey Bluth" and "Tony Wonder".
Like I said, food is a big part of our parties and we had fun with the theme...trying to match up food items with funny things from the show.   I got pictures of some of the food....
and didn't get photos of some of it (so it's all listed above).
For dessert we had three kinds real frozen bananas: Coconut/Macadamia, Toffee and Sprinkles. Well actually there were six kinds because we made half with dark chocolate and half with milk chocolate.
We also served fruit salad, ice cream sandwiches and of course...
Slutty Brownies!
I just stacked them on a cake plate and added some fun sparkly candles to serve as her cake.
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Tamar SB said...

SO creative!! Slutty brownies, love it!

Katie said...

This is way too fun! I love it!

I haven't seen the show in many years, so a lot of the jokes are lost on me, but the party looks awesome!

And anything involving slutty brownies has to be great! (They're my go-to party dessert!)

For the record - I thought your fake banana was an actual banana until I read that you made it out of clay!

Jules said...

You throw the most AMAZING parties!!!!! I have never seen the show, but I want to watch it now after seeing your party. Miss Middle School must have been thrilled!

Becky said...

What a fantastic party! So much love and detail! We use to be regular watchers of the show and were so disappointed when it went off the air. Then were thrilled to hear it was coming back, only to get disappointed again when we found out it was on Netflix. We don't have Netflix. Haha!

Bliss said...

Pleaseeeeee throw me a birthday party. Please?

Dawn said...

Great party! I've never seen AD, but it seems like you captured it! Super fun! And those brownies ... mmmmm!

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