Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{The Abode} Living Room Curtains

This post is overdue.  Please forgive my tardiness while I distract you with these shiny pretties.
We finally found curtains for the living room and I splurged a little on the rods.  They didn't break the bank and were from Target. 
They are Anita grey curtains from Ikea.  I love our dining room Ikea curtains so much that I was ready to find another pair for the living room. I never thought I'd get solid grey curtains, but they looked pretty in the store and I thought I'd try them out.  I could always return them if they weren't right.
They have a subtle design woven into the fabric and they are heavy and substantial.
But before I get ahead of is the BEFORE.  This room is so hard to photograph so I didn't get a great one.  We had these rather formal damask curtains with a fancy jabot.  They were here when we moved in and I've been nervous about replacing them but we finally bit the bullet.
Here's why. The swaggy jabot was stapled onto a cornice board that was screwed into the wall.
And I  do mean screwed. Check out these bad boys!
Here I am trying to be stealthy and artsy taking a photo in a mirror.
We were left with these monstrous holes (no, we haven't filled them in yet but they are covered by the new curtains until we get to them).
While the hubs was taking down the old curtains, I amused myself.
I won't bore you with the curtain rod hanging details but here they are. Ta Da!!
Again, I had a hard time getting an accurate photograph of the room

These are a little better. You can see them against our wall color and furniture.
A close up of the material. They hang really nicely because of their weight.
I love 'em, they're staying!
I still need to hem them but for now they are puddled.

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Debbiedoo's said...

Those are perfect Heather. My husband hates curtain changes LOL.

Mel@JunkinJunky said...

Gorgeous! The rods are beautiful and glamorous!

What the heck with the bolts, they could have held up an entire house?! LOL

Love Of Quilts said...

They are very nice!

Katie said...

These are gorgeous curtains! I love it!

Those were some intense screws that they used on those curtains. I mean, they're just they need that much support? Hahaha

Leslie Lambert said...

The whole set-up is just gorgeous! This would be perfect to link-up to my Create It Thursday's live now!

Bliss said...

Great update, but now admit to me that those holes will stay there for a long time because you can't see them. Right?


mail4rosey said...

They are fantastic! :)
I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

Jules said...

Love the curtains and rods.....they seem to be much more your style than the "before". So glad that you are happy with them.

Kara Claflin said...

Wonderful! I love the rods as well.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lovely! Will you come help me pick out curtains?

EG CameraGirl said...


storybeader said...

a nice room for heavy curtains. Great design. Hey, I've seen those big holes in our wall too! {:-Deb

Sandra Tyler said...

I gave up on curtains as they were dust magnets and I'm lucky if I get the daily dirty clothes washed...

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a fan of Ikea curtains. And swaggy jabot? That sounds like the name of a pirate watering hole. I love it!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

@myfluffybunnies! Ha you're right!

Harsha Joshi said...

Love your living room curtains...

Jenny said...

Cool curtains!

I love the color of that chair...

It adds a lot of cheer to the room.

Charming post for the letter "C"!

Thanks for linking.


Ashley Warne said...

Such a gorgeous curtain.

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Curtains and Drapes said...

It's like that pattern was custom made just for you and your living room & dining room. Great colors and patterns! Drapes are very fantastic!

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