Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up:Weekend Fun

April was a very busy month for us and the last weekend also kept us running.
 We started with Mr Click's band gig which is always a good time.
 Having fun after the show.
 My mom and her beau came out to see them too!
 The next night we headed to the beach!
We were invited to Wildwood, New Jersey for the night.
 It was pretty cool and overcast but I like when it's not crowded.
We had a great dinner and lots of good conversation with our gracious hosts.
 The next morning we were up super early and grabbed some coffee for a walk on the boardwalk.
It was quiet and a bit eerie but beautiful.

By the following weekend,we were ready to be home and just chill.  We started with a relaxing dinner at a favorite local Mexican joint.
We got to see Avengers: Age of Ultron which made Mr. Click very happy.
On Sunday we invited our friends out to brunch.
{here's my outfit}

The weather was gorgeous (the guys ended up going golfing later that day).

 While we waited for our table, we explored the town a little bit. This was a war memorial that overlooked the river.
We checked out this pretty restaurant garden too.
 The brunch crew!
 Later that day we went to a garden center to pick up some herbs for Miss High School's garden.
 I always get distracted by all of the beautiful flowers.
 They have some really beautiful displays at this store.
This mini orange tree was amazing (and not for sale).
What about that full moon?!  Do you remember that moon from a few weeks ago?
Let's keep in touch!
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Tamar SB said...

You guys do so much!
I was super jealous of your wildwood trip!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Looks like you all had a grand time and a busy one too. Love that orange tree and I want one! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Julie's Lifestyle said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I love the Jersey Shore & it must of been really nice without a lot of people! Thanks for sharing!
Julie xo

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Another busy and fun month! Looks like it was filled with fun, love and family :)!!!

camp and cottage living said...

It looks like a fun and amazing time, Heather!

Bliss said...

Mini orange tree? The oranges or the tree?

Carla from The River said...

Hi Heather,
So much fun,I always enjoy taking trips with you. :-) Thank you for sharing.
P.S. I still need to hear the band. You have to post a video someday. :-))

Becky said...

Haha, amazing and not for sale :) After a couple of weekends with plans, I'm always ready for a weekend at home too!

Shannon said...

You guys are always doing so many fun and interesting things - looks like you had a great time. That photograph of the moon is absolutely amazing!

Dawn Gross said...

Great shot of the moon! I love going to the beach when it's dead!

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