Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short, Dark & Handsome

I usually prefer the tall variety but when I spotted this fellow at Costco(fully assembled!), I was smitten.
Hello, Handsome!
We had this Ikea unit to hold our tv in the basement for the longest time.  
It was from our last house and had great storage.
But, as you can see, the television sat up very high once we switched over to a flat screen. 
The opening on the right used to hold our old style television.
We had been looking for a replacement since we redid the basement about 6 years ago but everything was too expensive (like Pottery Barn or Ballard Design expensive!).
This guy caught my eye when we were Christmas shopping at Costco.  We thought about it (and its great price) and went back in the next few days to get one (there were only 3 left!).
It is the perfect height for television viewing from the couch or working out in front of.
It also has some great features, like glass doors to house our electronics.
Slide out and fold down drawers.
Deep drawers to hold games and dvds and more shelves behind the matching door on the other side for more storage.  I love the vintagey cup style pulls too!
I'm using this urn/vase and some swirly branches to hide the cord area at the moment.
The photos need to go up on the walls too.
I think it really finishes off the room with its dark wood tone and handsome design.
{yeah, I said handsome again}
Costco, who knew?
It's amazing how one piece of furniture can bring the whole room together!
The old unit is being put to good use in the unfinished part of our basement now and makes it look so much more organized in there, so it's happy faces all around!

Have you ever made a small change that made everything come together? Let's hear it!

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camp and cottage living said...

I really likle it!
I sure wish we had a Cosco here, I'd run out to get one.

Dawn Gross said...

Great find!

Jules said...

Heather, it is gorgeous....I never woiuld have guessed Costco! The big question is - how difficult was it to put together? That is not my area of expertise, and I am a single lady so unless it is something the man child can tackle with me - I am scared! But I will be in the market for one sometime in the next year.

Sheryl Mae said...

It's indeed short, dark and handsome! :)

Katie said...

I really like it! The color is awesome and fully assembled, you can't beat that!

I also love how you are using the vase to cover up the cords. That is a great idea!

Bliss said...

Working out in front of short dark and handsome huh?


Debbie said...

oooohhhh i like it too!! i am often surprised at the wonderful things i see in costco. then i think, how could it be wonderful, it's costco, but it is!!

great find, perfect for that spot and it looks like it could have come from ballard or pottery barn!!

Mette said...

Love that:)

New follwer.

Morgan said...

Wow! That unit is beautiful and it looks like it DID come from Pottery Barn. :) Costco can be pretty cool sometimes, huh?

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