Thursday, January 10, 2013

Insta-Love #1

Nothing like starting a new year to change things up and start fresh. 
I'm renaming my cell phone posts "Insta-Love".
Did you catch my last Friday Phone Dump of 2012?
Here's what we've been up to....
row 1*sushi on New Year's *filling in my new planner*
row 2 *a new necklace that I'm loving*Miss Middle School set this jewelry organizer up on her desk(a Christmas gift)*popcorn by the fire+cozy socks=perfection*
row 3*cold winter outing to see the lights (still up) and gingerbread houses*then getting a warm cappuccino!*
row 1*enjoying a nice bottle of wine*my clementine addiction as of late*beautiful sunrise*
row 2*I thought this was so clever*now a pretty sunset*making crispy fried tofu for dinner*
row 3*Breaking out the vinyl*Yogi tea affirmation*shopping at Home Depot*
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Debbiedoo's said...

Fun instas' Heather. My boys love sushi and that looked good. Happy Friday to you.

Jules said...

Love all your Instagrams.....will have to follow you! Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

These are such fun pictures!

You know how much I love that planner! Your necklace is really pretty too!

The gingerbread house is so impressive.

Aren't the clementine's great this time of year? I think the ones here are finally going out of season. I'm so disappointed. They are a winter favorite of mine.

That Hi Coupon book looks adorable! I love the haiku-pons part!

Did you change your blog header too?

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