Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 1.27.13

Late again for Ashley's party...
I  thought I was going to have trouble finding lace, I was wrong. I had more than I could use so I'm using two of my favorites.
We got this lacy frame with a picture from our wedding as a wedding gift from some friends. I've never changed it.  The wedding pic is in black and white and I always thought it suited the frame. 
I liked the shot better in black and white to give the frames and photos a more cohesive look.
One of my shirts. I love the lace and buttons agains the grey fabric.
This was another lace option but since I already had too many, I'm using it for the cute pearly bling on Miss Middle School's Christening shoes.
 A pair of my cozy slipper socks that I got for Christmas.
Remember this tree?  
It's going bye bye today!
This is a painting of fabric that College Girl did last year. It's one of my favorites. It's not hanging up yet so I just propped it on our green couch against a green wall so if it looks a little wonky, it's my fault.

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Jules said...

LOVE college girl's painting - it is beautiful! And those christening shoes are just too precious. Great photos!

Monica said...

Love the photos - That painting is amazing!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness! The painting is fabulous! I thought it was actually a bunch of fabric at first, I couldn't believe it was painting!

I love all of your lace pictures (all 3 options with the baby shoes!)

I hope everything goes well with the tree removal today!! At least it is a warm day for it :)

Bliss said...

My fav, hands down the baby booties pic.


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