Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Recipe} Tofu Stir Fry-Two Ways

We're doing a lot of experimenting with tofu around here and stir fry seemed like a good choice.
I wanted a quick meal and these prepared stir fry vegetables from Trader Joe's made it super quick. (sorry about the condensation on the package).  If I use them again, I would buy two packages for our family.
Start by marinating your tofu in soy sauce, teriyaki, sesame seeds and garlic. Sometimes I use this crushed garlic.
Here's where the kind of tofu you use gets important. I had silken tofu and it was very soft and immediately started to break up in the marinade.
 In the mean time make some pasta.
My induction range heats water up so quickly.   It's got a Power surge setting for boiling water.
I put the water on at 4:38.  
Add some olive oil to your stir fry pan and heat up on medium.
Check out your pot of water.
Little bubbles.
Check time.
4:41 and we've got boiling water.
Add your pasta and cook according to package.
Back to the stir fry.
Saute the marinated tofu. If you use the soft kind it will break up even more and become more of a tofu scramble.  Set the cooked tofu aside.
Add the stir fry veggies and saute until done, add back the tofu and marinade. Heat through.
The tofu sort of disappeared in the scramble but was still very tasty.
After a little research, I picked up Extra Firm tofu to try again. This time I followed Martha's method  (and recipe) for drying out the tofu.  Cut the tofu into slices and put on paper towel lined baking sheet. Cover with another baking sheet.
Weight it down with canned foods to squeeze out the liquid from the tofu. Put in refrigerator overnight or at least 20 minutes.
When you take it out of the fridge, the paper towel is soaked.
Whisk up the marinade of soy sauce, rice vinegar, water and sesame oil.
Marinate the tofu is a shallow baking dish.  I cut the slices up into smaller chunks as well.  Marinate for 5 minutes. Reserve marinade.
This time I cut up my own vegetables(peppers, mushrooms, onion, broccoli, zucchini and grated carrots).
Saute the tofu in canola oil until golden brown ..about 1 to 2 minutes on each side.
Remove tofu from pan and set aside.
Stir fry up the vegetables, add corn starch, reserved marinade and tofu.  Heat through and serve immediately.   I served it with brown rice (not shown).
This one was more like a traditional stir fry made with meat or chicken. The previous one was more like scrambled eggs with vegetables.  Both were yummy. Do you have any stir fry tricks or tips?  Have you tried tofu?

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Morgan said...

I love tofu!! You rock for giving me another awesome tofu recipe to try. =) This looks so good.

Love Of Quilts said...

No I never have tried tofu. Trish

Mama Hen said...

I was getting hungry scrolling down with those great pictures! I have not cooked with tofu although I really like tofu. This looks delicious! I hope you are doing well. Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Summer-Raye said...

What a yummy looking recipe. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.


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