Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paper Mama 2011 Holiday Photo Challenge

This is the photo I used for our Christmas cards this year.  I paid homage to one of our favorite shows-Modern Family. What do you think? Is it prize-worthy? 
Here's our actual card from Shutterfly.
 {inside top}
{inside bottom}

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Chanalesings said...

Omgosh totally awesome!!!

Morgan said...

Aw, your card is so cute! You have a beautiful family.

Kara said...

i recognized this immediately! i love love love modern family too!
great idea, and very cute photo!

Jen said...

That is awesome!! Definitely prize worthy. And, I love that show :)

christina said...

LOVE the play on the best show on TV! :)

Point & Shoot said...

great idea and very cute pic.

Tezzie said...

What a fun card!!

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