Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Insta Love} January

How have I gone almost a week without posting?  It's been hectic over here with more snow days, Miss Middle School's weekend musical performance and College Girl coming home for a short break.
To add to the craziness,we hosted a birthday brunch on Sunday!
I hope you are all keeping warm and are you counting the days until Spring like I am? 
Until then here is our January in Iphone photos.
Sweeping up the Christmas confetti.
 Trying to catch the tree's reflection in a snowy window.
 Breakfast time! Emergen-C and veggie egg white scramble.
 Our New Year's fortunes.
 Trying some Troeg's Mad Elf beer.
 What the fox say?
 Such a good book! I can't wait for the movie!!
 Triple teaming my cold.
When ALL of the books I requested come in at the same time!
 Love that asparagus!
 Working on a project....
 Starting to think about Valentine's Day.
 Loving my new camera strap that I got for Christmas from College Girl.
 I kept this up all month!
Admiring my mani.
 Our book club spread.
 Running into this little one at the mall.
 Oh look, more snow!
 I've been doing a lot of this!
 Favorite candle of the moment, a nice fresh change from the Fall and Christmas scents.
 Car pick up line at school.
 Miss Middle School baked these yummy peanut butter muffins.
 Did I mention we've had a lot of snow?
 Salty Starbucks floor.
 Valentine chalk art.
 Lunch at Panera.
 French toast for dinn-ah!
 Stripey sunsets.
 Tea and blanket by the fire.
Working on the my Valentine Argyle Wreath and hitting a bit of a snag.
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Tamar SB said...

Busy, busy! I totally thought the Emergen-C was going into the pan (-:

Carla from The River said...

Ha -I love your library book stack. The same thing happens to me! They all come in at the same time. :-)

Jules said...

As always...am loving all your pictures! I have really good things about that book and those Mrs. Meyers candles are wonderful!!!

camp and cottage living said...

Your photos sure tell a story. It makes for a wonderful journal of sorts.
I got a feeling my husband would like that Mad Elf Beer. Is it a dark ale? That's his favorite.

Morgan said...

Glad you got a little time with your oldest! :) I'm lol'ing at where the fox went. So sorry that you're sick right now :( that's no fun!
Can I have one of your daughters PB muffins? Yum!!
You guys have gotten a ton of snow! My goodness!
I love your tea cup! And of course, tea by a fire is awesome. No fireplace at my house, but sometimes I get to experience that at my mom's place and it's so nice! Especially tea by the fire while watching Psych!! I have to watch it at my mom's cause I don't have cable. :)

Karen said...

Yay! It sounds like you got your weekend plans in despite the snow. As usual, you've been busy. How did you like that Mad Elf? (It's a pretty potent elf!). LOVED And the Mountains Echoed...and everything by Hosseini. Looking forward to the Spring-like temps this week, but I'm sure I'll be regretting it once I see the mess it will bring :)

Mel@JunkinJunky said...

Ugh, I'm with you on wishing for spring to arrive. Now would be nice :)
The photo of the stripey sunset is beautiful.

Becky said...

Such great pictures :) I know you're over the snow, but the pics lovely. Ha! It WILL be spring soon... Hopefully!

Bliss said...

How was the Elf, and is that a mimosa I see?

Creations By Cindy said...

Yes mam I would say you are one busy gal! However, I enjoy looking at your pictures and I really must say...I need one of those muffins! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Katie said...

Your January looks so cozy!

I remember when you posted those muffins Miss Middle School made. They look soooo good!

The candle sounds like a great smell (that sentence sounds kind of odd...) But you are right, after the heavy Christmas and fall scents, something lighter is needed!

Ida said...

Great look into your January.
The book club food and that lunch at Panera made me hungry, they looked so yummy.
I'll skip the snow. Ours didn't arrive until February but it's gone now (hopefully for a long while) and I'm looking forward to spring.
Gorgeous sunset.

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