Monday, October 8, 2012

Alang for the Ride

We did a quick update in our upstairs hallway by changing out the old (and dated) light fixture,
for this fresh and funky Alang fixture from Ikea.
This won't be much of a tutorial but it was fairly easy to change them out.

Make sure to turn off power to the light before rewiring.

The light is outside of the girls' bedrooms and the hall bath.
{I took a photo of the tween's room from the hall.}
We had light again!
In a much more modern package.
It's also brighter because it holds two bulbs.
Sorry, these photos really don't do it justice.
It's definitely an upgrade.

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imkate said...

Love the new fixture! I wish I had an IKEA closer to my house.I am also loving the wall color! What is it?

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

The new fixture looks great and so much brighter....hmmmm, a trip to Ikea may be in order!

Mel said...

Such a simple update but makes such a difference. That is a great light! said...

Love the new fixture! We have some "builder ceiling lights" that could use replacing...thanks for the inspiration.

Morgan said...

I love this light! It really does look so modern and chic. :)

Bliss said...

What are you going to make out of the old one?

Katie said...

This is an awesome light fixture! I love how it looks!

Two bulbs is much brighter. I love when it is so bright like that, it is just fabulous! I have three big floor lamps in our living room (which has NO overhead lighting) because I like it so bright!

Dominique Goh said...

The new light fixture looks really good. Really makes the place more updated.

Cathy Kennedy said...

The new two bulbed light fixture with the white paneling and trim should make the hall lots brighter. Good job!

Thanks for visiting my Alphabe-Thursday 'U' post Our Universe

Pam Jackson said...

Changes the whole outlook.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Now I want to change all my light fixtures out! HAH!

Cheryl D. said...

Gotta love Ikea.

anitamombanita said...

It's amazing what a difference a simple change to a light can make!!

Jenny said...

Ooh girl. I like your style!

And that color of green!

Really modern, fresh and fUn!

Thanks for letting us peek!


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