Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wednesday-WOYWW

This photo seemed perfect for Wordless Wednesday and happens to coincide with WOYWW(What's On Your Work desk Wednesday) as well.
I'm back on the scrap booking wagon and working on Teen 2's school album.
 I'm up to 5th grade, that's pretty good, right?  
I'm only two years behind.  
That's not as bad as it sounds because I only do a few pages for each school year.

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Sacha♥ said...

wow you got those purchased from Creative memories? I love scrapbooking

scrappymo! said...

I think 2 years behind it fine...I started scrap booking when my girls were at university. I am several years behind...
I try to scrap what i like and then file them cronologically...and keep adjusting the filing as i create new pages!

Katie said...

I think only two years behind is great!!

This page is looking great! How fun to be back to scrapbooking!

Sacha♥ said...

it is shame when they don't do creative memories here in UK anymore. i still had some cutters and stuffs. but the album books arent the same if i buy them off the range or hobbycrafts

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