Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Haircut and Other Earth Shattering Stuff!

Yay, I finally got my hair cut (and highlighted!).
And by the way,did you notice my NEW social media buttons(in boysenberry!)?? 
{upper right corner}
I'm very proud of myself for getting them on the blog.
I found them here and followed this tutorial for adding them, if you need help like I did/do.
I just got my facebook page up as well, so please check it out and like me if you do (like me, that is).

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dee dee said...

Great haircut!
dee dee

Morgan said...

Your haircut is gorgeous! :) You look great. And nice job on getting the buttons up! Navigating code can be pretty daunting.

Bliss said...

You look mahhhvelous.


Katie said...

Your haircut is great! And I love the sunglasses :)

The social media buttons are cute, boysenberry is a very cool color!


You are very pretty,love the haircut.

Life in Rehab said...

Your hair looks great! Very soft and flattering~ and quite frankly, hip and not "mom" at all.

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