Monday, October 1, 2012

September Photo-A-Day Challenge

I made it through another month of Photo-A-Day! woo-to-the-hoo!!  Sure, some days I forget or I can't think of anything for the prompt but that doesn't stop me. I make it up the next day or two.  Nobody is grading you, it's just for fun and creativity.
Won't you join us?

Day 1-You, Now
Getting ready for our anniversary date
Day 2-Father
An old one of my dad from Cape Cod. Miss you.
Day 3-Far Away
They seem far away from being these babies.  And they are!
 Day 4-In your mailbox
Fall catalogues!
 Day 5- Bright
Morning sun
 Day 6-Everyday
An everyday outfit for me.
 Day 7-Natural
It's on the label, it must be true.
Day 8-Night
Out with friends
Day 9-Something you do most weekends
Read and nap. ha!
 Day 10-Black & White
My kitchen mat in front of the sink.
 Day 11-Hero
There's been an Avengers theme around my house lately, just sayin'...
 Day 12-Together
Daughter's new Chucks.
 Day 13-Table
Dining room
Day 14-Favorite
Venti half cafe with non fat milk.
Day 15-First thing you see
View from our hotel that morning
Day 16-Strange
Day 17-In my fridge
Don't judge.
Day 18-Price
Skinny jeans at Old Navy.
Day 19-Underneath
The oatmeal was underneath the berries, the bowl was underneath the oatmeal, the ottoman was underneath the bowl, the floor...and so on...
 Day 20-Man made
A funkin!
 Day 21-Sometimes...
I'll have a beer.
Day 22-Up
Not very inspired.
Day 23-Before Bed
Watch a little tv (Watch What Happens Live on Bravo)
Day 24-Three things
Streamers for an upcoming party.
Day 25-Frame
Saw this at the thrift store.
Day 26-Near
My birthday(it's on Friday!)
Day 27-Love/Hate
Day 28-A good thing
A wide open weekend
Day 29-Errand
Picking apples
Day 30-You, then
October 2008 with my girls

If you want to participate in October, you can find all of the details here.

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Jules said...

Congrats on getting all the way through the month. I keep trying, but end up getting side tracked. Happy Monday!

YolandaR said...

i have decided I am going to do this this month!

Morgan said...

Ok, I was cracking up at "The Strange". I agree that is pretty strange! :)

Katie said...

All of your photos are awesome! I love the dress you wore on your anniversary date and your orange scarf in your everyday outfit. I just bought an orange scarf for the fall!

The picture of your girls as babies is adorable!

Your kitchen mat is awesome. I keep trying to translate it, but I don't remember any of my french!

The pumpkin beer looks very yummy. I don't normally drink beer, but I love pumpkin beers!

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