Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 9.2.12

I was trying to take a few candids when my daughter had some friends over.  I think I got caught!
 Any of the Five Senses
Trying out a new candle from Mom. 
These aren't really toys but little kids do love them.
My weather center runs on batteries.
My daughter's first day of the second half of her (pre college) schooling.

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Katie said...

I love that you got caught taking a candid picture! I get caught all of the time. AJ has learned to pretend I didn't catch him so I'll stop following him around with the camera!

That weather center is great. I'm a total weather geek!

I hope your daughter a good first day of the second half of her pre-college schooling career! I'm totally loving her outfit - she's definitely starting off the year in style!

Morgan said...

Your backyard looks gorgeous! Was your daughter excited about starting school again?

Karen said...

Your daughter is so fashionable! Love her outfit :). It's so cute how your Toys look like they want to go outside to play but it's raining! Have a fun week.

Bliss said...

OK, this reminded me that I forgot again (day 2) to take a picture of son's first day of school. See what happens when the caboose does stuff. Bad mommy.


Jules said...

Thank you for linking up! Your daughter is very pretty and fahionable as well. And those little "toys"...I think I would like to play with them as well...too cute!

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