Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mod Podge Switch Plates

I try not to go in my daughters' bathroom too often because when I do, I notice things like...
this...(cue scary music)
(the screws were just removed in this photo)
The switch plate cover was dirty, or so I thought.  Once I got it down, it was evident that it wasn't just dirt but mostly rust.  I'd love to get all new white plates but in the interim, I Mod Podged.
Attempt #1:I used wrapping paper
Measured and cut to size
Mod Podged it on and exacto-knifed out the holes...
It was too wrinkly looking for my taste because the paper was very thin.
Attempt #2: I used sturdier scrapbook paper
Here's my technique, spread Mod Podge on the cover with a foam brush
Lay the paper over the Mod Podge
Then smooth out all of the bubbles/wrinkles (if only this worked on my face!).
Give it at least two coats of Mod Podge.  Once it's dry, cut out the openings with an exacto knife and hang them back up.

It's an improvement for sure but I think the greens are too close to make it pop. I picked the paper because it reminded me of the lemon/lime and apple art that is in the room (from Ikea).  The great thing is, I can easily change it out again when I find a paper that I like better.
This project cost me nothing because I had all of the supplies on hand and it was super easy.

This bath is ready for a makeover are some of my inspiration photos from Pinterest (follow me here,) 

                  {source}                                                                                                            {source}

I haven't Mod Podged in awhile, probably since my Pumpkin Jar Luminary project. How about you? Are you a frequent Mod Podger or a once in awhile Mod Podger like me?

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Debbiedoos said...

Those are adorable Heather!I love the mod podge:)

Katie said...

I love how this came out! And how easy it is to switch it out as you switch up the room or find papers you prefer or whatever!

I am a once in a while Mod Podger. But when I do take it out, it usually stays out for a few projects :)

Ashley said...

Cute idea! Would work really well in kids rooms. Thanks!

Diann said...

Hi Heather! What a fun and cute quick change on the switchplate covers! From the picture, the green looks awesome! thanks for sharing this fun project at TTF. have a fantastic weekend!

Theresa said...

great idea for covering cheap switch plates. or ugly ones, lol
visiting from @

My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, this is amazing. What a great post. love it. This looks delicious. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

Unknown said...

Very cute idea!

Unknown said...

This is a great idea! Oh....the possibilities!! Thanks for sharing at our Weekend Wonders party!!


Laura Everyday Edits said...

Just saw this pop up on your blog. What a cute idea for a room! laura

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