Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Getting Crafty}Thrifty (FREE) Planters

Coffee cans? Why yes!
I had a bunch of potted flowers left over from the grad party and no extra pots to plant them.
I needed some cheap, as in free, and quick planters.  These babies were pot bound!
I had been saving some 'real' coffee cans and decided I'd use them for this. Some coffee cans are actually cardboard these days so if I ever happen to get a metal one, I keep it.
  I added some drainage holes with a screwdriver and mallet.
Then whipped out my spray paint stash.   I did one in red (from Lawn Twister) and two in black chalkboard paint (from this project long ago).
It was a windy day and my whole set up blew over (but the cans were fine).  I gave them each 3 light coats of spray paint.
See how windy it was, the pots were blowing over too.  I also had snagged this popcorn bowl from my donate pile.  We had gotten it at Cut Throat Christmas last year--(full of candy, microwave popcorn and movie tickets=nice) but it's been too big to keep in my kitchen.  If we do have popcorn, it's a little too heavy so it hasn't gotten any use and kept getting in the way.
 I grabbed the thrifted little basket off of my craft shelf too.  It already had a plastic pot in it so that made it super easy.  I added some rocks for drainage in the popcorn bowl.
Bada-bing! Two free planters.
After the coffee cans dried, I filled them up with flowers too.
The chalkboard paint really works.
I need to come up with something a little more creative than what's in the pot.
I'll get my artistic daughter's on that, stat!

The popcorn pot has petunias and daisies but 'somebunny' munched off all of the daisy flowers.
So whaddya think?  Cheap can be good, right?

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Anonymous said...

They look awesome. I love the basket. I'm waiting for a fine day so I can tidy up our gardens!

scrappymo! said...

They all look fabulous. I like the bike basket the best, second is the chalk paint...but they all are fab!

Katie said...

This is awesome! I love chalkboard paint. I wanted to do my bedroom in chalkboard paint about 10 years ago, but my mom said no. One day though :)

I love how you re purposed the pop corn bowl also. I can imagine it took up a lot of room in the kitchen!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Yes - cheap is ALWAYS great! Cheap, cheap, cheap, I love cheap....Artist daughter should be glad to help you out with those pots! You were too kind about the somebunnies that ate your flowers! I hate somebunnies that eat my plants!

Bliss said...

You could also chalk out orders for the kids before then come in the house..... one plant could say take off your shoes.
Water me.
Weed me.
Go kiss mom.

Hey this is fun!


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