Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 27

row 1 *on the deck*parade*hubs at parade*
row 2*hubs and me at the parade*carnival*happy hour with friends*
row 3*dinner after happy hour (no idea why we got a reserved table)*getting stormy*more storm clouds*

row 1*sunset*yummy shrimp lunch*more parade*
row 2*cuties in stripes*birthday celebration*
row 2*more 4th of July parade*more carnival*

Another busy week. What are you up to?

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Bliss said...

You know, I always look at your phone dump photos even if I don't leave a comment. Well today it occurred to me how these really capture the moments for you. These will be the photos you like to look at in old age.


dee dee said...

Heather... Your Friday phone dumps are so cool and always make me tired! You are one busy girl!
dee dee

Katie said...

You got a reserved table because you are awesome - of course!

I love the cutie in stripes! How adorable!

It looks like you are having an awesome and busy summer :)

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