Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{What's for Dinner} Grilled Pizza, Salad and Dessert

Have you ever seen the show Five Ingredient Fix with Claire Robinson on the Food Network? I caught the show one day while she was doing a Gourmet Pizza night and using two pizza crusts to make dinner, salad and dessert. Here are some of the ingredients I needed.

I used frozen bread dough for the crust. Easy!

I also wanted to try grilled pizzas like I had seen on Stephanie's Blog.
I rolled out the dough onto olive oil covered foil and pierced the dough with a fork.

I decided to make two pizzas with one crust (one red and one white) to make everybody happy.I used Claire's recipe for the white pizza.  It needed garlic olive oil, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses and fresh oregano.

Following Stephanie's advice, I set the grill to preheat and waited until it reached 400 F, then put the crusts (on the foil) onto the grill.

Keep checking the underside, it can burn quickly. When it's brown, flip the crust over.
Add the toppings for the white pizza: drizzle with garlic olive oil, spread the mozzarella over the oil, then dot with ricotta cheese, season with salt, pepper and fresh oregano.
For the red (traditional) pizza, we used pizza sauce, mozzarella and seasoned it with fresh basil, salt and pepper.
They cook very quickly!

I spread out the melted ricotta.


Onto the salad. 
Caesar Salad with Crusty Croutons
Ingredients: Romaine lettuce, pizza dough, garlic olive oil, Parmesan cheese and lemon juice.

With one quarter of the second pizza dough, roll it out and cut in thin strips.
My GW pizza cutter did a great job with that.
Cut the strips of dough with kitchen shears and gently fry in the garlic olive oil.
Have some Parmesan cheese ready to dredge the croutons in.

Dredge the croutons in the cheese.
Put the romaine in a big bowl, pour some fresh lemon juice and garlic olive oil over the lettuce.  Place the croutons on top and add sprinkle on more Parmesan to taste.

Now dessert:
Claire's recipe was for Mini Mascarpone Tarts.
8 ounces of pizza crust, sugar, kosher salt, balsamic vinegar(I used tangerine infused), strawberries and mascarpone cheese (I used ricotta instead)
Mix the sugar and salt together and roll the pizza dough out in it.  Pour the remaining sugar onto the crust and roll into the dough.
Cut into rounds with a glass or biscuit cutter.
Bake on Silpat covered baking sheets.

Cool on baking racks.
Reduce the balsamic vinegar by heating it up in a small saucepan.
Assemble the tarts with some cheese, cut strawberries and drizzled vinegar.  The balsamic vinegar gets really sweet and thick. It might sound strange but it's a taste explosion for your mouth.

All the recipes can be found here.
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Michelle said...

okay, mouth watering over here! This looks like an amazing meal, I can't wait to try it!!!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

My goodness Heather...Thanks so much for sharing this meal. I always have so much dough left over and I am so excited to try your salad and dessert. They look amazing and I can not wait to try them! I have never heard of cruton like that - wow! Hope you are enjoying your week! Thanks so much for the link =) Stephanie Lynn

The Paint Splash said...

OH Heather, now I have to go find something to eat! Beautiful pictures. Debbie

Haidée said...

looks amazing. The strawberries and chocolate look delicous. And the grilled pizzzzzaaa yummmmmmy xxx


Julie Harward said...

This all looks so good, such good ideas, thanks for sharing them! :D

Lindalou said...

Yum. I love the idea of white pizza. And you just used bread dough? Interesting idea as I have some in the freezer.

Mom's Review for you said...

Following back from MomsReview4You blog hop. Thanks!

Feel free to come back tonight 12pm Eastern since the new Wednesday blog hop with be up!

Leslie said...

Hello there! Thanks for leaving me a comment. Your blog is fantastic! I tried to follow you back but it told me to try again. I will return.

That pizza looks delicious!

Lana said...

YUMMM! I really want to try grilled pizza! I will have to copy your recipe! Thanks and great, yummy pictures!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

That dessert looks absolutely delicious! Found you @ WW :-)

Drawn to The Sea said...

Thanks for sharing these recipes. They all sound (& look) fabulous! Will definitely give them a whirl.

Big Mama said...

Hi, Love the recipes! Following from the blog hop!

Rebecca said...

Yummy-I can't cook, but I can sure eat-looks wonderful! Happy WW

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Oh my good word!! That all looks so delicious! I'm bookmarking this page and adding the entire thing to my menu for next week!

Thanks for sharing

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