Friday, April 11, 2014

{Recipe} Quick & Easy Tofu Scramble

This is one of those super quick meals that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or even breakfast for dinner like we did the other night.  Both of my daughters have made this dish before but this was the first time I made it myself.
1 block of Extra Firm Tofu (I used Trader Joe's organic), drained
Veggies of your choice: I used red onion, spinach, red bell peppers, shredded carrots, canned mushrooms & leftover green beans)
Spices: I used Garlic (one clove minced), Onion Powder, Parsley, Tumeric, Salt & Pepper
Soy Sauce (I used Braggs Amino Acids)
Nutritional Yeast (optional)
Olive Oil 
 I didn't measure but used about a handful of each veggie.
 Drizzle olive oil in a pan, heat on medium heat and add the vegetables.  Saute for 5-7 minutes.
 Cut tofu into chunks and add to pan.
 Break up the tofu with a spoon, stirring mixture as it cooks (about more10 minutes total).
 Add garlic and other spices to taste.
 The tofu takes on whatever you season it with so go with what you like. The tumeric gives it a lovely golden color.  Splash in some soy sauce and sprinkle a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast* into the pan, stirring to incorporate it all.   Hot sauce is also good in this if you like it spicy.
*Nutritional yeast is optional if you're making this vegan. It gives it a slightly, cheesy, nutty taste.*
 Most of the time we eat it just like scrambled eggs.   It's so versatile, you can roll it into a breakfast burrito, serve it on toast or English muffins, stuff it in a pita or layer it over a bowl of brown rice.   
The cold leftovers are great in a salad too.
Enjoy this high protein, low fat and colorful meal any time!

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Debbiedoos said...

Oh my husband would love this. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing Heather. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tamar SB said...

When I could eat tofu I used to make these all the time! Looks tasty!

Ida said...

Everything looks so vibrant and yummy here. I just can't get past the idea though of eating Tofu. I did try some Tofu Egg Salad at the store deli and liked it so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

Carla from The River said...

This looks very good. I am excited to give it a try.
Thank you for sharing.

Becky said...

Yum!! This looks so good and easy too!!

camp and cottage living said...

Sure looks yummy, Heather.
I love all of the ingredients!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

Looks great Heather!Very colorful too.

Jules said...

I must admit...I have not managed to master tofu yet...mine still comes out pretty funky tasting, but yours looks delicious!

fredamans said...

mmmmmm..... looks delish!

storybeader said...

I haven't eaten tofu for the longest time - doesn't taste as good as it used to. But this looks good! {:-Deb

Along These Lines ... said...

Looks good, still not sure I could eat anything called tofu

Anonymous said...

That does look good, and I always appreciate a vegetarian recipe!

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