Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3.17.13

It's time for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
How was your St. Patrick's Day weekend?
We spent some of our Spring Break in the nation's capital.   If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of these photos and I apologize. There will be more pix to follow I'm sure.

I felt so lucky to be away with these three!
{walking through Georgetown}
They were handing these pamphlets out when we got off of the Metro.  
I thought it looked like Lincoln as a leprechaun.

It was a little early for cherry blossoms but some of the trees were blooming. Here's my attempt at getting an artsy shot of the capital behind the blossoms.  Signs of DC's earlier Spring were everywhere!

Pot of Gold
The Hope Diamond would be nice to find in your pot of gold, am I right?

Some Sprinkles cupcakes. 
 The one with the clover was an Irish chocolate cupcake. The red V stood for vegan red velvet and white one was all vanilla.  All amazing!

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Jules said...

When I commented on Instagrasm I didn't realize they were Sprinkles!!!!! They always make for a good day. YUMMY!!!!

Bliss said...

Hey, anyone that saw the photos twice doesn't have to look again. Hear that instagram followers?


Katie said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! I hope you guys had a great time in DC :)

I really love the Lincoln leprechaun. That seems like something they'd hand out in Illinois!

Karen said...

I haven't checked in on any of my blogs I follow this week and am doing so now. I love your Scavenger Hunt theme here. Sometimes when I look at your blog I wonder if we are living the same lives. My daughter and I were JUST talking about a D.C. visit! I'm trying to put it off until it warms up a bit though :)

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