Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{Get Crafty} Chalk Painted Mason Jars

I told you guys that I had a project in mind for my thrifted Mason jars and here it finally is.
I have been chomping at the bit to try out chalk paint but didn't feel like ordering it online so when I saw it for sale at Michael's I did a little happy dance right there in the aisle.  I had a hard time deciding which color to buy but settled on Yesteryear--a soft grey.  I ultimately want to use the paint on a piece of furniture so I chose the color with that in mind. But first...baby steps and Mason jars.
I gave them each two coats of the paint and distressed them a bit with an emory board in spots.
I used the gold Sharpie from my Glam Dinosaur Ring Dish project to accentuate the writing on the jar and give it a tiny bit of sparkle.  I also purchased the clear wax for the chalk paint and tried it out on one of the jars to see how it would look. It goes on with a soft cloth and then is buffed to a subtle shine when it's dry.
The jar on the left has the wax on it.  I liked the look with the wax so I did the second jar too.
Before I knew it, I had two new rustic vases.
Now for some flowers...my garden has been pretty sparse this summer but I managed to pull together two bouquets.
I gathered some roses, black eyed Susans, Rose of Sharon, impatiens and a few greens to make them.
The soft grey really sets off the flowers (and matches my kitchen=bonus!).
Are you a chalk paint expert like my friend Bliss or a newbie like me? 
I'm excited to do some more projects with chalk paint!

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Bliss said...

Ha! No expert here, I've just learned how to fix mistakes discretely. But I have not painted any glass jars even though I save them for the day when I will.

scrappymo! said...

They look fabulous!
I am just using the pale grey to mix witht he wax for a dresser set I just did in the white. Kind of wish I had chose the cream but I am adding that soft grey tot he wax to tone down the starkness of the white.
I have also used the charcoal colour on an old maple dresser my husband dragged home. It is going to be given away to one of my Moldovan immigrant friends. Perfect for a little fellow's room! They have so little when they arrive...just a job and 5 grand...that does not go far!
We try to watch the thrift shops for anything in decent shape and have a bit of a redo on it to freshen it up.

Tamar SB said...

These are awesome! Well done!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh!

First of all, love the new header!

Second of all, this project is AWESOME! I love the vintage look. I have about a zillion mason jars left over from the wedding, so I am pinning this right away!

Dawn said...


Becky said...

Wow, love how they turned out! I'm kicking myself for not picking up those mason jars I saw at the thrift store Sunday!! (I did find a Levi jacket for $9.98 though!!) I've seen the chalk paint around and have been wanting to give it a try!

Jules said...

I LOVE how these turned out! The flowers were just the perfect addition!

Ida said...

Neat idea and they look so pretty with your lovely flowers in them.

Ángela Vázquez said...

I've just learnt an amazing DIY project :) Thank you!


Clairejustine oxox said...

You did a great job with these, they are lovely :)

Thanks for linking up #CreativeMondays

Coombe Mill said...

Really effective and the chalk paint really seams to grip the jar too. Popping by from Creative Monday

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I must make these! I absolutely adore them!

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