Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Weeks 32 & 33

I'm really behind on my Friday Phone Dumps because....
I took a lot of photos the week before last when we were on our beach getaway and....
Week 32 (I think)
row 1 *one of the many yogurt places DD2 tried * Hubs and DD2 on the boardwalk * another shot of the boardwalk*
row 2 *enjoying a book and coffee at our rental* Our beach umbrella*
row 3 * yummy garlic lovers hummus at a restaurant * bikes we rented * pretty little shopping village that we visited, loved the flowers and * this red door*
row 1 * finding a Starbucks by chance! * pizza on the boardwalk * sand sculpture we found on the beach*
row 2 * Enjoying my beach breakfast of fruit and yogurt * out to dinner and this is my daughter's non alcoholic pina colada * me, waiting around on the boardwalk for the family*
row 3 *tip jar at one of our favorite restaurants * my nephew and daughter waiting to go on the bumper cars *the pool at our rental*
row 1 *delicious clam chowder*DD2 at the beach*hubs at the beach--well covered of course!*
row 2 *my beach polish "raspberry" *feet in the sand * DD1 and niece getting henna tattoos*
row 3 *DD1 reading* the kids in their room at the condo*another boardwalk shot*

row 1 *walking on the beach * shopping in the rain*candy store*those cocktails again (mine was real)
row 2 *sunset*reading my book*
row 3*family at the boardwalk*pesto pasta*writing on the beach*walking on the beach*seafood cakes with a fish shaped bread*

Friday Phone Dump Week 33--College Edition!!
...we were busy getting this one ready for college and driving her up there!

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French Girl in Seattle said...

Wow! I love these. So cool to get to see so many snapshots at once. Ok. I have got to ask: Where was that beach vacation? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Jules said...

What fun pictures! What did we ever do without great camera phones??

Katie said...

I love all of the pictures! Your vacation looks like a wonderful time! I actually have that nail polish - I bought when I went on vacation to the beach!

Wow! I can't believe your daughter is already away at college! This summer flew by. I love the comforter she picked out for her dorm! The colors are great! I hope she is having a wonderful time and her classes start soon (and that she likes them!)

Bliss said...

I had to look twice at the sand rabbit.


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! Great shots ~ must be an iphone ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Morgan said...


That was the main thing I got out of this post, haha! I love pesto. :)

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