Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Phone Dump Week 31

Didn't take too many cell phone photos this week, mostly just for my Photo-A-Day Challenge for July and August.
row 1)*"Calm"*both girls got new piercings (ears only)*
row 2) *my orchid is blooming again*"toothbrush"*"outside"*
row 3)*a hole in our ceiling!*"one"*"coin"

Happy Friday!
 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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jeanetteann said...

fun post x

Katie said...

I haven't been taking too many phone pictures, or any pictures, this week either!

I love the new piercings, that is so fun! I got my ears pierced very young, and that was enough for me. It hurt so so bad, I've never been able to do anything else! I'm too afraid!

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