Thursday, August 23, 2012

College Check List

These lists helped us prepare for our daughter's big move to college.
They are from
They were a good starting off point for us(and I liked that they weren't trying to sell us anything).

This one got cut off but there was also comb/brush, hairdryer and curling iron/straightener.

Of course we didn't buy everything on the list.  You need to check with your college to see what you can and cannot bring plus she is living with 3 other girls and they have a full kitchen so we didn't want duplicates of things like microwaves and coffee makers.

We did end up buying a lot and here are just *some* of the things we got.

Paisley Medallion Duvet Cover  and Shams (Urban Outfitters)

Chevron Mug (Target)

Ikea bowls, silverware, cutting boards,plates, 


Drying Rack

Mini Ironing Board

Shoe Storage

Clothing Storage

Space Saving Hangers Like these.
Plastic Drawers (we bought these once we got up there).


Moroccan Lantern and Flameless Candles (no real candles allowed).
I think we did pretty well. We only had to pick up a few things at Target once we got up there and only brought home a set of bed risers and one storage crate!
Have you sent a child off to college, any words of wisdom for us?

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Karen said...

Remember....everything you TAKE to school has to eventually come home! Try not to cry :). Good luck!

Naperville Now said...

My husband reminded me, as we left our firstborn at school (12 years ago!) and I started to sniff, "Remember how much fun we had at college? Remember how excited we were for it all to begin? All the friends we made? The great classes? Betsy is just about to do all of that -- and more." I must say, it did help. Steady on.

Katie said...

That check list is awesome! I wish I had that when I went to school!

I love all of the great stuff she got for her dorm room. That lantern is definitely my favorite though. What an awesome decoration for the room!

I've never sent a child off to college, but I think the best advice I have for your daughter is to be involved! I was super shy my first semester and would eat lunch in my room because I was too nervous to talk to anyone. I missed out on some opportunities, but then I decided to put myself out there and join a sorority (a non hazing one, I have no tolerance for that crazy stereotypical behavior!) and it was the best thing I ever did! It gave me the confidence to put myself out there. You'd never know now that I was so quiet I used to hide in my room :)

So yeah, that's all the advice that I have. Oh, and go abroad! I didn't do that (it wasn't available in my program), but my brother did and it was the coolest thing ever!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

What a great list of things your daughter will need. She'll definitely have to be organized with all those things in her new space. I love the things you picked...very stylish.

Creations By Cindy said...

Looks like a great check list! Did I see tissues on there for the MOM???? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Bev said...

hi, i'm following the "never growing old" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

new follower bev

noexcuses said...

Isn't IKEA the best!!! Great list for your student, but as stated above, all that stuff has to come home at the end of the year!

I did not go away to college, so I lived vicariously through them! Yes, that lump in your throat will be there, if it isn't already, but just think of what an incredible experience it is going to be!

Kudos to you for being a great mom!

ps-thanks for stopping by my blog!

Morgan said...

Ugh, reading this reminded me of the many times I had to move in and out of dorm rooms. It was such a job carting everything in and out! By my senior year I barely brought anything, haha! I knew I'd eventually have to carry it home and I was too lazy.

Millie Burns said...

Found your site through the over 40 bloghop. I just sent my middle child off to college 600 miles away from me just about 2 weeks ago. So far so good. I miss her silly sense of humor, but I know she's excited for her future and all the fun things that lie ahead of her. I'm just getting her first care package together...I don't think she needs it as much as I need to send it : )

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